Panay Island

Bagamanoc, Catanduanes

Panay is a small island in the Philippines, located northwest of Catanduanes Island in the Bicol Region. It is often confused with the much larger Panay Island in Western Visayas.

The island is politically under the province of Catanduanes and subdivided between the municipalities of Bagamanoc and Panganiban.   More

Panay Island News

  • Panay Island: Roxas City, Capiz To Aklan

    Panay Island: Roxas City, Capiz To Aklan


    Roxas City is known as "The Seafood Capital of The Philippines". It exports to neighboring countries as well.

    Roxas City was honored by (DOH)Department of Health with the Red Orchid Award for being 100% tobacco free. The local government has managed tobacco control by enforcing bans, investing on public Education and promotion of pulmonary health.

    It is the birthplace of the 5th President of The Philippines: Manuel Acuna Roxas.

  • Scientists Confirm Sighting Of One Of The Worlds Rarest Birds

    Scientists Confirm Sighting Of One Of The Worlds Rarest Birds

    Conservationists from Bristol Zoological Society have confirmed a sighting of one of the rarest and most endangered birds in the world.

    A team from Bristol Zoological Society travelled to Panay Island in the Philippines in search of the elusive Negros bleeding heart dove and, after five days of trekking for eight hours each day, they managed to film the bird deep in the heart of the forest.

    The species is so rare that it has only been filmed in the wild a handful of times. This is the first time it has been seen and filmed in recent years.

    It is feared there are now less than 300 pair ...

  • International Artists See Panay As Fun Destination

    At least three international artists have seen the potentials of several provinces in Panay island as a fun tourism destination.

    Rockwell Ryan Ripperger of Stephen Speaks band said among the sights he appreciated when he stayed in Iloilo were the abundant in the sky. Ripperger stayed in Iloilo for a month for a concert.

    He stayed with a friend, another American Paul Chatman, a professional sax player. Chatman placed his investment in Iloilo, saying the city was a good site for investment.

    "The sky doesnt look like that in my hometown. Maybe way out in the country, but here, I can see ...

  • Rotaractors Interactors Welcome Great Year Through Save The Earth, Plant A Tree Project

    More than 120 Rotaractors and Interactors from Panay Island under Rotary International District (RID) 3850 formally welcomed the new Rotary Year with a project dubbed "Save the Earth, Plant a Tree" Project in Brgy. Igcocolo, Guimbal, July 1, 2017.

    Considered as the "Great Year", the event was joined by all clubs in Panay and planted more or less 130 fruit bearing trees in a hilly land area located at Brgy. Igcocolo.

    This year's Rotary theme "Making a Difference" focuses on preserving and protecting the environment, the reason why the group organized the project that attended by all clubs ...

  • Bayluhay Celebrate The Barter Of Panay

    January is a hectic month for the city and province of Iloilo with a multitude of festivities celebrated during the first month of the year.

    Dinagyang may be the most famous festival commemorated in Iloilo but the southern town of San Joaquin may be another reason for visitors and tourists to flock the province and learn more about Panay Island's rich history.

    Every 3rd week of January, the town of San Joaquin celebrates the Bayluhay Festival.

    The festival showcases the historic barter of Panay Island as based on folk history of the Maragtas legend.

    According to the Iloilo provinci ...

  • DENR Urges Marine Resources Protection For Food Security

    DENR Urges Marine Resources Protection For Food Security

    Marine resources must be protected to sustain food security in Western Visayas.

    "We need to act together to protect our marine and coastal resources," appealed Jim Sampulna, Regional Director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Western Visayas (DENR-6), as the commemoration of Ocean Month yesterday came to a close.

    "Fish remains a primary source of food and fisheries provide employment. Protecting and conserving our marine and coastal resources equates to sustainable aquatic food production," stressed Sampulna.

    DENR-6 is working together with the Bureau of Fisher ...