Nahulugan Falls

Gigmoto, Catanduanes

Nahulugan Falls is located in San Pedro, Gigmoto, Catanduanes. The cascading waterfalls is surrounded by a lush of vegetation and forest, unspoiled brims around the site, an ideal place for picnic activities, hiking and mountain climbing.

A 3-tiered cascade in a backdrop of lush vegetation, the Nahulugan falls is a secret hideaway. It is surrounded by natural picnics grounds with a ...

rich collection of flora and fauna to behold.

Nahulugan Falls News

  • Discovering Nupa Green Lagoon And Nahulugan Falls In Gigmoto (Catanduanes Series - Part II)

    Nupa Green Lagoon and Nahulugan Falls - Gigmoto, Catanduanes

    Another low key destination in Catanduanes, this live aquarium will definitely satisfy your nature lover and adventurous soul! Best visited during high tide, as the water level is higher, this lagoon has crystal-clear green water and beautiful corals. Situated at the edge of Biong Beach in Gigmoto, this could be reached by a motorcycle/jeepney, then followed by a 45 to 55-minute trek downhill, from the highway.

    After our Binurong Point exploration, we dedicated the rest of our day in discovering this beautiful and unpopular des ...

  • Visiting The Happy Island Of Catanduanes

    Visiting The Happy Island Of Catanduanes

    Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that give a person's existence more meaning and happiness. Yet, with so many distractions and stresses in your daily grind, you can forget what those simple things are. Visiting Gigmoto, a municipality in Catanduanes (also known as the Happy Island), might just be what you need to remember how happy and fulfilling it can be to experience simple joys. This locality may not bring in as many tourists as the surf spots in Virac, but it holds a charm of its own.

    Gigmoto is generally a hilly and mountainous area. The town gives off a sleepy and peaceful v ...

  • Catanduanes The Cascading Nahulugan Falls of Gigmoto

    Catanduanes The Cascading Nahulugan Falls of Gigmoto

    Catanduanes never seizes to amaze.

    With respect to most travel destinations in the country, this extreme eastern island of the Philippines has been mostly under the radar over the past years. And because of that, most of its natural wonders are still kept pristine and unspoiled.

    Perhaps one of the best example of Catanduanes' impeccable treasure is the cascading waterfalls found in Gigmoto. The Nahulugan falls is a three-tiered wonder that prides its cool and crystal-clear water surrounded by the island's luscious green jungle.

    For the nature lovers, this is haven.

    How to Get to Na ...

  • Explore The Island of Catanduanes

    Explore The Island of Catanduanes

    Catanduanes is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Virac and the province lies to the east of Camarines Sur across the Maqueda Channel. Catanduanes is an island filled with the many gifts of nature in its pristine shorelines, beaches, lush forests, and unique land formations that beckon visitors from all over the world to come, explore, and enjoy themselves.

    Catanduanes is a kidney-shaped island at the easternmost seaboard of the Philippines. It is the first land mass of the Philippine archipelago to kiss the Pacific Ocean at 13.5o to ...

  • Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

    Tourist Spots in Catanduanes

    he rugged and diverse landscape of the province is a dazzling stretch of tamed powdery sand, lush forests, and a rich marine life, making Catanduanes a dream hideaway for those who want to commune with nature in its purest form.

    Here's a list of must visit places in Catanduanes province.

    Puraran, Baras

    Clean and peach-colored beach, Puraran is invigorating to those who want to bask in the glory of the sea, sand and sky. This is the most famous beach in Catanduanes and placed the province in the surfing map of the world, listed as one of the top surfing locations. It als ...

  • Nahulugan Falls of Catanduanes

    Nahulugan Falls of Catanduanes

    Many have not yet discovered the beauty of Catanduanes. The province is crammed with different attractions that are still undamaged and unspoiled. Nahulugan Falls is one of the systems of waterfalls of Catanduanes. Its simple beauty gives pleasure that only nature can afford to give.

    A Day at Nahulugan Falls

    Nahulugan Falls have been marveled in secrecy by local and foreign visitors riding in banca (boat) coming from Puraran Beach in the nearby town of Baras to San Pedro, Gigmoto where the falls is located. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and forest. Locals have made the place into a ...