Maribina Falls

Bato, Catanduanes

Maribina Falls is located in Marinawa Bato, Catanduanes. Maribina falls was named after the Barangays Marinawa and Binanwahan in the municipality of Bato. Gushing with breath-taking rapids of crystal-clear waters, the cascading falls are located amid rustic surroundings and lush-green vegetation.

The tourist destination nearest the capital town of Virac, it is the most popular and ...

widely publicised of the Water falls in Catanduanes. With its 3-tiered crystal clear cascades surrounded by lush greenery, the visitor will sure be well satisfied. It is an ideal place for picnics and daytime bonding with family and friends.

Maribina Falls News

  • Exploring Catanduanes: The Happy Island

    Exploring Catanduanes: The Happy Island

    It has always been a dream of mine to go to my Lolo Ernesto's province, the far-flung island province of Catanduanes. This August, I was able to finally fulfill that dream. And wow! Catanduanes is beyond doubt beautiful, from its fine, golden sand beaches to its towering rugged cliffs. Travelers who venture here are sure to yearn for more!

  • Catanduanes: The Happy Island Escapades

    Catanduanes: The Happy Island Escapades

    Catanduanes the northeastern frontier of the Bicol Region, rimmed by multiple bodies of water and stationed as a rocky forefront for the visiting easterlies and northeast monsoon winds. Catanduanes gained its provincial state in 1945 after Cong. Francisco Perfecto filed the House Bill No. 301 and signed into law by President Sergio Osmena. Until the advent of digital media, little has been known of the tourism potential of Catanduanes. It was known as one of the provinces bearing the initial onslaughts of Pacific-brewed storms. As traditional and social media started featuring the island, thus ...

  • Unlocking The Hidden Treasures Of Catanduanes

    Unlocking The Hidden Treasures Of Catanduanes

    For two decades the province of Catanduanes has solely been associated with surfing primarily at Puraran Beach in Baras. Known as the "Land of Howling Winds" due to its location that placed it directly along the path of typhoons entering the country from the Pacific, Catanduanes, however, has so much more to offer. It was only in the last 3-5 years that more of the island province's other attractions began seeing the light of the tourism day.

  • Stopover At Bato Catanduanes

    Stopover At Bato Catanduanes

    We almost never got to see the attractions of Bato town in Catanduanes. Our original itinerary included the Cagnipa Rolling Hills and the beaches of Pandan town and possibly nearby Palumbanes Islands in Caramoran attractions on the western coast. That proved to be too ambitious given our limited time and we ended up restricting ourselves to Virac and the eastern destinations. That brought us to the town of Bato.

  • The Hidden Beauty Of Catanduanes The Happy Island

    The Hidden Beauty Of Catanduanes The Happy Island

    The island of Catanduanes is blessed with the scenic view. Last December 2016 when typhoon NINA hit the island and when I saw on the TV news everything is washout including their airport. I worried about the people of the island and of course my upcoming visit.

    Three days before my travel to Catanduanes via Virac Airport. The Cebu Pacific Air announced that my flight was canceled/Change due to Tagaytay Radar Maintenance. I panic since my connecting flight back to Boracay Island is affected and Cebu Pacific is the only airline fly to Virac. I spend almost 2 hours just to call the airline hot ...

  • 5 Days In Catanduanes

    This is a new version I edited for my Catanduanes trip last August 2016 with my titas and cousin.

    Our 5-day backpacking experience in Catanduanes spanned from Aug. 1-5, 2016.

    Day 1: Arrival at Virac Airport
    We were able to tour most of West Catanduanes in a day.

    Overnight in Virac

    - Virac Airport
    - Sto. Domingo River
    - Marilima Beach
    - Batag Beach
    - Batong Paloway
    - Amenia Beach
    - Mamangal Beach
    - Luyang Cave

    Day 2: Going East, to Baras where we will spend the rest of our trip
    Tour East Catanduanes (the stops were along the way to Baras)

    - Maribina Falls
    - Bato ...