Luyang Cave

San Andres, Catanduanes

Luyang Cave is located in San Andres, Catanduanes. The adventurer could revel in the sight of the corridors of majestic and colossal stalactites and stalagmites where countless bats reign.

Located below the San Andres-Virac Highway, it served as the hiding place for locals during the Moro raid in the early years of the 18th century. As the legend goes, the natives have started a bon ...

fire at the mouth of the cave with the aim of warding off the invaders. Unfortunately, the winds have blown towards the cave, suffocating the natives instead.

An altar and grotto was built in the site where a Requiem Mass is offered every 28th of April of each year.

Luyang Cave News

  • Travel Guide Catanduanes

    Travel Guide Catanduanes

    Oten battered and in the front-line of incoming storms, Catanduanes has often been out of the radar for most travelers in the Philippines. But this island province, unbeknownst to many, holds a lot of natural wonders and activities that would keep adventure travelers and nature explorers occupied. One would lead to discover pristine beaches, enchanting lagoon, stunning rock formations, sweeping cliffs, alluring waterfalls and age old churches. There's something here for everyone.

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    I remember one night, just a year ago, my lola and I are having some serious life lessons conversation type, then she was back at it again with the usual comparison of my life and her younger years life. She'll always tell me how her hometown had taught her to live in simplicity because it's surroundings has all that it's have to be thankful and appreciate life at it's fullest. She was raised and lived in the beautiful island of Catanduanes, and it has been a childhood dream to step my feet on that God-breathed place.

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    This is a new version I edited for my Catanduanes trip last August 2016 with my titas and cousin.

    Our 5-day backpacking experience in Catanduanes spanned from Aug. 1-5, 2016.

    Day 1: Arrival at Virac Airport
    We were able to tour most of West Catanduanes in a day.

    Overnight in Virac

    - Virac Airport
    - Sto. Domingo River
    - Marilima Beach
    - Batag Beach
    - Batong Paloway
    - Amenia Beach
    - Mamangal Beach
    - Luyang Cave

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    Australian surfer Peter Sutton discovered this peaceful surfing spot facing the Pacific Ocean in the 80s, claiming its waves have perfect barrels!

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    The Tragic History Of Luyang Cave In Catanduanes

    We pulled over at a forested area along the main highway where the road slightly descends at a bend. The area is cool because of the canopy of trees and after negotiating a flight of steps, got to the park grounds. A breeze blew, rustling branches and leaves as an old lady was busy sweeping the pavement. The cave's opening contrasted with the rock wall. We walked closer and leaned over. At first we can't see a thing but as our eyes managed to adapt to the darkness, a series of steps were visible, a cement bench, a small altar and a small passageway beyond. A refreshing cool air rushed from the ...

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    In the last five years, however, PAGASA claims that the tropical storms that pass by Catanduanes' corridors aren't as destructive as before. This is considered good news for the island as it tries to shake of ...