Catanduanes Island

Virac, Catanduanes

Catanduanes is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region of Luzon. The province consists primarily of Catanduanes Island, also called Virac Island, but also includes Panay Island and a few other minor surrounding islets.

The island is a biodiversity hotspot. Its lush rainforest is home to Philippine brown deer, flying foxes, and other endemic bat species, war ...

ty pigs, civets, cobras, giant pythons, monitor lizards, sailfin lizards and other endemic animals. Exotic bird species such as Philippine hornbill, rail, parrot, bittern, egret, pheasant, coot, lapwing, plover, Philippine duck, quail, owl, oriole, kingfisher, swiftlets and many more are also found.

The marine environment of the island is also ecologically rich as its terrestrial zones. Some of its potential marine reserves and diving spots are Mamunglo Island reef in Bato, Macalanhog Island reef in Gigmoto, and several reef spots along the Bato-Baras-Gigmoto-Viga coastlines. Catanduanes reefs harbor many endangered and threatened types of mollusks such as giant Triton, cowries, abalone, cone snails, conches, octopuses, squids, and nautiluses.

Marine mammals are also reported to frequent on its eastern coasts such as species of dolphins and whales which appear in March??"June. Many edible marine algae such as caulerpa, valonia, and turbellaria also grow abundantly on its rough coasts.  Wiki

Catanduanes Island or Virac Island News

  • Bato Catanduanes: Carorian Adventure And Bato Church Rock

    Bato Catanduanes: Carorian Adventure And Bato Church Rock

    As if we were not wowed enough by what we found up north Catanduanes in Pandan, we ventured southeast of the Happy Island to find more amazement in the municipality of Bato. From Virac, it's an 11km ride to the municipality of Bato. A familiar route on my first visit are the numerous waterfalls in the area, including Maribina Falls. But I never knew Carorian Adventure off the coast of Bato was something to rave about. We just got a taste and I'm already thinking when I'll be back here.

  • Philippines Boracay Luzon And Catanduanes

    A bit of kitesurfing, some riding on two pretty awesome (but tiny ;)) Filipino motorbikes, waive surfing, cruising around the set of Survivor, (Expeditie Robinson) and heaps, no actually tons, of happiness.

    The views, waives and ride were spectaculair, and the people true charmers. From Boracay (Isla kite!), to South Luzon, finishing in Catanduanes Island.

    We started our 5 day moto trip at Mt Mayon (Legazpi), drove all the way up to lake Buhi, from lake Buhi we went on to Naga and from there to Caramoan (final stop). We drove back to Legazpi in just one day.

    Our trip ended at Catand ...

  • The Unseen Beaches Of Virac

    The Unseen Beaches Of Virac

    One time you're chilling at your hotel in the city proper, next thing you know you're at the back of a motorbike hopping from one postcard-worthy beach to the next.

    This is exactly what I did in Virac, the unassuming capital of Catanduanes province geographically located in the easternmost part of the Bicol Peninsula but separated from the mainland Bicol by Maqueda Channel and the Lagonoy Gulf.

    Catanduanes earned the moniker "The Land of the Howling Winds", mainly because it is the first landmass in the Philippines archipelago to kiss the Pacific Ocean, making it directly open to the to ...

  • Catanduanes Island 2015

    An adventure on the prestigious island of Catanduanes where nature flourishes and biodiversity lives freely.

  • Catanduanes The Land of the Howling Winds

    Catanduanes The Land of the Howling Winds

    Catanduanes is the easternmost province of the Bicol Region. Consisting of the Catanduanes (or Virac) Island, its major land mass, together with a few smaller island groups and islets, it lies directly facing the Pacific Ocean. Dubbed as "The Land of the Howling Winds", it is one of the most typhoon stricken provinces in the Philippines. Precipitation within the region is distributed throughout the year and intensifies from the late fourth quarter and early first quarter.

    Despite the wet climate, Catanduanes boasts its raw and unspoiled beauty yet to be taken over by the ever growing commer ...

  • Catanduanes A Rough But Happy Island

    Catanduanes A Rough But Happy Island

    Not a few grizzled veterans of adventure travelers who have been to Catanduanes have likened it to an unpolished diamond--crude on the side, but its true beauty will glitter once cut and polished.

    Still, some stakeholders would like it to be known as the "Happy Island" because of the sheer happiness and solitude its natural wonders give a visitor, minus the madding crowd of the popular tourist traps.

    Situated off the eastern seaboard of mainland Bicol, the island province used to be part of Albay and was carved out as an independent province in 1945.

    While typhoons still pass through ...