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  • Palumbanes Island

    The Palumbanes or Palumbanes Islands, also referred locally as "Parompong", is a group of islands in the Maqueda Channel that sits at the north-western part of Caramoran, a town of Catanduanes Island Province in Bicol Region.

    The group of island is made out of 3 islands named Parongpong (Palumbanes) Island, Tignob Island and Calabagio Island. Palumbanes can be reached by means of a 30 minute to 1 hour boat ride from the sea port of Caramoran town.

    The water is quiet amid summer ??" February to May, and boisterous amid the rainy season.

    Palumbanes Island has a coastal village where mos ...

  • Bitaog Beach Palumbanes Catanduanes

    Bitaog Beach is free to the public. The area has no nipa huts where travelers can rent and spend a night in. You may bring your own tent and provisions if you plan to stay overnight. a white sand beach famous in Palumbanes Island.

  • Palumbanes Islands  The Grand Adventure Nobodys Talking About

    Palumbanes Islands The Grand Adventure Nobodys Talking About

    I accepted a last-minute invitation to experience these remote islands in the Philippines - I'll never forget it. These are some of my favorite photos taken in the last year! Make sure you scroll through and see all of them...

    These 3 tiny islands are about 45 minutes off the coast of northwest Catanduanes - an island province of the Philippines. Che of Backpacking Pilipinas told me about this place - she is the famous traveler who explored all 80 provinces of the Philippines before she turned 30. A local of Catanduanes, she started BookSail, which has worked to provide these local chil ...

  • My Beloved Palumbanes Island

    My Beloved Palumbanes Island

    If there are two islands in our country that I feel deeply rooted to, these are Catanduanes and Palumbanes Island. Catanduanes, my own province is where I spent most of my childhood years, while Palumbanes Island is where I spent most of my childhood summer days.

    Palumbanes sits at the northern part of Catanduanes, a part of the town of Caramoran. It has a local community where fishing is the main source of living. During the typhoon months, where the sea could be dangerous to small fishing vessels, the villagers opt to backyard farming (they plant rice and camote, and raise poultry).

    Th ...