Binurong Point

Baras, Catanduanes

Binurong Point is one of the newest attractions in the island located in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras, Catanduanes.

Binurong Point News

  • Binurong Point Baras, Catanduanes

    It will not be tagged as the "happy island" for nothing!


    For my birthday celebration, hubby and I opted to go to the "happy island" of the South - Catanduanes Island. After spending 2 days in Virac, we headed out to our next town- Baras, to explore their latest attraction, the Binurong Point. It's now gaining its popularity, since it was once featured in a tv show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

  • Most Beautiful Island Were Captivated By Catanduanes Bicol Philippines

    The best place to experience the real beach life is to find an island which is still unpopulated by tourists, stay in a beach house like Majestic Puraran where you can surf on a crystal clear perfect pipe waves, eat fresh seafoods - like you own it feels. Perfect for long vacation.

    30 minute hike to Bote Lighthouse is not tiring at all once you reached it, everything you will see is perfect. Binurong Point is like a an elevated garden - very relaxing the views are incredible.

    There are lots of places you can go to in Catanduanes. You can check Biahe ni Drew's almost complete list of plac ...

  • A Journey Through The Happy Island Of Catanduanes

    A Journey Through The Happy Island Of Catanduanes

    Our trip to Catanduanes was anything but smooth. Five days of tracing its periphery aboard a motorcycle came with a trove of obstacles.

    Yet, in spite of this, we forged ahead and were rewarded with wondrous views and marvelous vistas. Here are nine of them.

    Wave breaker

    In the provinces capital of Virac lies Igang Beach. With the Pacific Ocean waiting beyond the shores, this beach is often submitted to vigorous waves but the waves make the place even more interesting. Watching it crash against the sea stacks and skerries that decorate the seascape is, perhaps, one of the most calming ...

  • This Is Binurong Point Like Ireland In Catanduanes Philippines Vlog 24

    Enjoy the beautiful natural landmark and viewpoint in Catanduanes, Philippines: Point Binurong.

    This is like Ireland in the Philippines, like it's beautiful nature.

    An hour drive from Virac to Baras, Catanduanes, you will find this trekking tour operation to one of the Catanduanes Island its most beautiful viewpoints and landscapes. Point Binurong is a must for when you're in the Catanduanes Province; a beautiful and quiet Philippine island.

  • 9 Breathtaking Sites You Wouldnt Believe Are In Catanduanes

    9 Breathtaking Sites You Wouldnt Believe Are In Catanduanes

    Ah, the Happy Island.

    I have many a memory of this place. Earlier this year, with nothing but an EZ Map and a hankering for thrill, Dennis and I traced its outskirts aboard a motorcycle. We got lost. We met incredible people. We brought home scars. And most importantly, we got to see some of the most beautiful natural landscapes Catanduanes has to offer.

    So, if you're planning a trip to this island paradise, mind your cardio because these places will surely take your breath away.



    Just a 15-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Virac proper is this gorgeous ...

  • Travel Guide 6 Must-See Beaches And Tourist Spots In Catanduanes

    Travel Guide 6 Must-See Beaches And Tourist Spots In Catanduanes

    "Buoyed by Pasternak's observation of the waves, I see with renewed vigor why 'everything wears their succession.'" But there is more to learn from wave-watching, said editor John Liddy in his poem. And we couldn't agree more.

    Thanks to our tour guide, Onyong Pamplona, we were able to see sites in Catanduanes besides the famous surfing site Puraran beach, where we watched the waves high above the ground and at eye-level.

    Green Lagoon

    Secluded and natural, you can have this green pool at the edge of Biong beach all to yourselves. Not all tour guides know how to get there ??" solo trave ...