Balacay Point or Benticayan Point

Baras, Catanduanes

Balacay Point also known as Benticayan point is located in Brgy. Benticayan in the town of Baras, Catanduanes. Balacay Point has a nice vantage point from above seeing the Pacific Ocean, Pururan Beach and the islets nearby.

Balacay Point or Benticayan Point News

  • Travel Guide Catanduanes

    Travel Guide Catanduanes

    Catanduanes is an island province of the Philippines, located in the Bicol Region. In the past, the province was known as the "Land of the Howling Winds" because typhoons would made landfall here before hitting the rest of the country. It's second claim to fame was purely as a surfing destination. A more fitting tagline is its moniker now, the "Happy Island."

  • Balacay Point In Baras Catanduanes

    Balacay Point In Baras Catanduanes

    The first and foremost place I want to visit in Catanduanes is their Balacay Point or the Batanes of the South. During my research about the place it is one of must-visit and I can't agree more for it offers a great view and even if I didn't get to see Batanes yet I know the resemblance is there.

    Getting to this place is not as easy as it seems. Yes, the harder getting to a place the worthier? This is one of those.

    Arriving lunch time in Virac and having so much little time exploring this island I waste no time and asks the inn I'm staying how to go there. Since there is no direct trip g ...

  • The Hidden Beauty Of Catanduanes The Happy Island

    The Hidden Beauty Of Catanduanes The Happy Island

    The island of Catanduanes is blessed with the scenic view. Last December 2016 when typhoon NINA hit the island and when I saw on the TV news everything is washout including their airport. I worried about the people of the island and of course my upcoming visit.

    Three days before my travel to Catanduanes via Virac Airport. The Cebu Pacific Air announced that my flight was canceled/Change due to Tagaytay Radar Maintenance. I panic since my connecting flight back to Boracay Island is affected and Cebu Pacific is the only airline fly to Virac. I spend almost 2 hours just to call the airline hot ...

  • Travel Guide To Balacay Point Baras Catanduanes

    Travel Guide To Balacay Point Baras Catanduanes

    From Manila there are buses going to Tabaco Port, Albay. Fare is 850php air-conditioned via Cagsawa Bus, their terminal is in Ali Mall. Travel time is around 12 hrs.

    From Tabaco Port, ride a RORO going to San Andres, first trip is 7 am. Fare is 220php for non-air-conditioned. There is a terminal fee 30php. There is airconditioned, I just don't know the price but its much higher. Fastcraft is also available but not until 12nn.

    As per my friend, it is advisable to take the San Andres port instead of Virac. Travel time via San Andres port is 2-3 hours whereas via Virac it will take up to 3- ...

  • Captivating Catanduanes

    Captivating Catanduanes

    Catanduanes was captivating. I got to appreciate the simpler, fresher and cleaner provincial life. I also got to be awed by its wonderful scenery. Though I was only able to visit a few attraction, they do have it all from waterfalls, large greenery along the coast lines, fine white sand beaches and a whole lot more.


    I rarely do travel blogs now because a lot of my travels now are linked to my fitness activities. I spent the full weekend supporting a friend's event for the very first Isla Catanduanes Ultra Marathon. I was impressed by what Catanduanes has to offer. I got to ...

  • Puraran Beach And The Town Of Baras Catanduanes

    Puraran Beach And The Town Of Baras Catanduanes

    Baras is one of the eleven municipalities of Catanduanes. Situated on the eastern edge of the island, it is one of the first recipients of the grand Pacific waves, making it a great spot to ride your surfboard. And though it may be popular among the surfing community, much of the mainstream tourists have yet to discover the beauty of this paradise.

    The Puraran Beach is among the highlights of Baras. This intimate beach prides its fine cream-colored sand and seaside rock formations that are totally raw and unspoiled. With the friendly locals, delectable cooking and a very laid back ambiance, ...