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  • Rotaractors Interactors Welcome Great Year Through Save The Earth, Plant A Tree Project

    More than 120 Rotaractors and Interactors from Panay Island under Rotary International District (RID) 3850 formally welcomed the new Rotary Year with a project dubbed "Save the Earth, Plant a Tree" Project in Brgy. Igcocolo, Guimbal, July 1, 2017.

    Considered as the "Great Year", the event was joined by all clubs in Panay and planted more or less 130 fruit bearing trees in a hilly land area located at Brgy. Igcocolo.

    This year's Rotary theme "Making a Difference" focuses on preserving and protecting the environment, the reason why the group organized the project that attended by all clubs ...

  • Boto Ni Kurakog

    A popular destination in Catanduanes, just see for yourself.

  • New Agreement Elevates Panay Forest And Climate Protection Bid

    New Agreement Elevates Panay Forest And Climate Protection Bid

    A new agreement between Germany and the Philippines targets helping further conserve Panay Island's last remaining block of natural forest hosting globally important biodiversity.

    Signed in Metro Manila this week, the agreement covers implementation of the Forest and Climate Protection Project's second phase (ForClim II) on improving sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation there while addressing climate change.

    "This is another breakthrough in the strong partnership between Germany and the Philippines," said Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Sec. ...

  • A Beautiful Bird That Once Lived In Panay

    Have you ever heard about a bird called Philippine cockatoo or red-vented cockatoo or "abukay" in the Ilongo dialect? Perhaps your grandparents had seen these birds and may have some good memories about them. These days, this bird is about to become a mere legend. If you have seen one, consider yourself very lucky because this is one of the most critically endangered bird species in the country. This bird has not been sighted in the Panay Islands since 1970.

    The bird used to be abundant in lowland forests and coastal mangrove areas. With the lowland forest gone and coastal mangroves continu ...

  • Hornbills Of The Philippines Some In Danger Of Extinction

    Many rare bird species live in the Philippines. Among them are a variety of hornbills. They all have large bills with a horny growth on top of the upper bill.

    Writhed Hornbill
    The writhed hornbill is also known as the Mindanao wrinkled hornbill. It is endemic to the northeastern corner of Mindanao, as well as neighboring Dinagat and Camiguin.

    The scientific name of the writhed hornbill is Aceros leucocephalus. It belongs to the family Bucerotidae and the order Coraciiformes. Like all birds, it belongs to the class Aves and the phylum Chordata.

    The writhed hornbill is predominantly bl ...

  • Number Of Hornbills In Panay Growing

    Number Of Hornbills In Panay Growing

    Conservationists in Panay Island are optimistic about the growing number of hornbills that are considered critically endangered.

    "We estimate that there are now 3,000 individual species of hornbills in Panay," said Christian Schwartz, a German national and currently the project manager of the Philippine Conservation Incorporated (Philincon).

    The present number is a significant increase in the number of hornbills in Panay, which was only around 1,000 several years ago, he said.

    Panay Island, composed of the provinces of Aklan, Antique, Capiz and Iloilo, has two species of hornbills: th ...