Amenia Beach

San Andres, Catanduanes

Amenia Beach is located in San Andres, Catanduanes. It is the best place for sunset gazing with its calm waters and the perfect-coned Mayon Volcano in the horizon. It also has good lodging facilities and kayaks, particularly stunning stretch of coastline that have long drawn visitors from all over the country.

Amenia Beach News

  • Unlocking The Hidden Treasures Of Catanduanes

    Unlocking The Hidden Treasures Of Catanduanes

    For two decades the province of Catanduanes has solely been associated with surfing primarily at Puraran Beach in Baras. Known as the "Land of Howling Winds" due to its location that placed it directly along the path of typhoons entering the country from the Pacific, Catanduanes, however, has so much more to offer. It was only in the last 3-5 years that more of the island province's other attractions began seeing the light of the tourism day.

  • Beach-Hopping At Virac Catanduanes

    Beach-Hopping At Virac Catanduanes

    Since 1988 Catanduanes has been known as a surfers haven but not having surfed at any point in our lives we kept the island province out of our bucket list for a long time. Three years ago, however, more of the island provinces attractions beyond surfing spots began to show up on the tourism radar. The beaches were always there, of course, but there were also rolling hills, breathtaking cliffs with majestic coastal views, caves, rock formations and pristine waterfalls. Last week we finally got the chance to visit the Land of Howling Winds.

  • 5 Days In Catanduanes

    This is a new version I edited for my Catanduanes trip last August 2016 with my titas and cousin.

    Our 5-day backpacking experience in Catanduanes spanned from Aug. 1-5, 2016.

    Day 1: Arrival at Virac Airport
    We were able to tour most of West Catanduanes in a day.

    Overnight in Virac

    - Virac Airport
    - Sto. Domingo River
    - Marilima Beach
    - Batag Beach
    - Batong Paloway
    - Amenia Beach
    - Mamangal Beach
    - Luyang Cave

    Day 2: Going East, to Baras where we will spend the rest of our trip
    Tour East Catanduanes (the stops were along the way to Baras)

    - Maribina Falls
    - Bato ...

  • Catanduanes A Rough But Happy Island

    Catanduanes A Rough But Happy Island

    Not a few grizzled veterans of adventure travelers who have been to Catanduanes have likened it to an unpolished diamond--crude on the side, but its true beauty will glitter once cut and polished.

    Still, some stakeholders would like it to be known as the "Happy Island" because of the sheer happiness and solitude its natural wonders give a visitor, minus the madding crowd of the popular tourist traps.

    Situated off the eastern seaboard of mainland Bicol, the island province used to be part of Albay and was carved out as an independent province in 1945.

    While typhoons still pass through ...

  • Catanduanes sheds typhoon image with tourism

    Catanduanes sheds typhoon image with tourism

    There was a time when the island province of Catanduanes was known as the "Land of the Howling Wind" because of the frequent destructive storms that pass its way. For townsfolk who have been weathering the strong storms, there is no fun in highlighting this age-old scourge.

    But beyond the howling wind, the province today is a tourism frontier which beckons travelers looking for well-kept secrets off the beaten path. Many true-blue adventurers consider it a diamond in the rough.

    Located off the eastern seaboard of mainland Bicol, Catanduanes was a sub-province of Albay and was carved out ...

  • Explore The Island of Catanduanes

    Explore The Island of Catanduanes

    Catanduanes is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Virac and the province lies to the east of Camarines Sur across the Maqueda Channel. Catanduanes is an island filled with the many gifts of nature in its pristine shorelines, beaches, lush forests, and unique land formations that beckon visitors from all over the world to come, explore, and enjoy themselves.

    Catanduanes is a kidney-shaped island at the easternmost seaboard of the Philippines. It is the first land mass of the Philippine archipelago to kiss the Pacific Ocean at 13.5o to ...