Abaca Festival

Virac, Catanduanes

The Abaca Festival or formally known as Catanduanes Abaca Festival is a festival held each year in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines. The celebration happens every 4th week of the month of May. The festival is cognizance of the importance of abaca fiber or Manila hemp industry in the local economy and the need to showcase its versatility as a major source of livelihood and craft material which has b ...

rought Catanduanes fame and fortune. The festival will showcase the life and resilient spirit of the Catandunganon and its culture, as well as the uniqueness and exoticness of the island and its people.

Abaca Festival News

  • Saving Endangered Species Through Social Marketing

    Saving Endangered Species Through Social Marketing

    Meet "Barry," "Pawi" and "Debbie." They are the three mascots representing the flagship species of the protected areas in Cagayan Valley.

    Barry, short for barangan, is actually a rabbitfish Siganidae, the flagship species of the Palaui Island Protected Landscapes and Seascapes (PIPLS) in Santa Ana, Cagayan.

    International Coastal Cleanup

    Barry's recent launching highlighted this year's International Coastal Cleanup Day, a yearly activity spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

    A global effort, the International Coastal Cleanup aims to protect coast ...

  • Travel Guide Catanduanes

    Travel Guide Catanduanes

    Oten battered and in the front-line of incoming storms, Catanduanes has often been out of the radar for most travelers in the Philippines. But this island province, unbeknownst to many, holds a lot of natural wonders and activities that would keep adventure travelers and nature explorers occupied. One would lead to discover pristine beaches, enchanting lagoon, stunning rock formations, sweeping cliffs, alluring waterfalls and age old churches. There's something here for everyone.

  • Catanduanes Island, The Happy Island

    Catanduanes Island, The Happy Island

    It surely took a lot of chutzpah & confidence for Catanduanes to herald a catchphrase "The Happy Island". Yes, it may sound lighted-hearted & prosaic but it also bears a heavy promise of an emotion that is part science, part art & part luck.

  • 2018 Abaca Festival: Bicol Festival Of Festivals Showdown

    2018 Abaca Festival: Bicol Festival Of Festivals Showdown

    It took me 12 years before I stepped my foot on back to the island of province of Catanduanes. And what better time than in the midst of their festivities. The 2018 Abaca Festival is on their 3rd year. The month long celebration aims to showcase their native abaca fiber or Manila hemp which is one of the main products of the province and source of livelihood. The month-long festival have pockets of activity culminating towards the 4th week of May. One of the much awaited is the Bicol Festival of Festivals Showdown where contingents from Bicol region participate in a dance showdown. A colorful ...

  • 3rd Abaca Festival Opens May 25 With Abaca-themed Parade Fair

    A fellowship parade with creative and colorful abaca floats is the highlight of the opening of the 3rd Abaca Festival this May 25, 2018 as the provincial government begins celebrates its major cash crop through five-day schedule of events.

    Governoe Joseph Cua, Vice Governor Shirley Abundo, members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and municipal mayors and other local officials will join invited guests in the Thanksgiving Mass at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral an hour earlier before proceeding to the fair. The festival's theme is "Bugkos Abaca: Kultura Pagyamanon, Ekonomiya Pauswagon."


  • Tribu Virac Leads 2017 Abaca Festival Winners

    Tribu Virac Leads 2017 Abaca Festival Winners

    The contingent from the capital town, calling themselves as 'Tribu Virac', reigned supreme in this year's Creative Dance Competition held at Virac Plaza Covered Courts last May 26 as the 2017 Abaca Festival came to a successful conclusion.

    In its newer version of the Burak Festival, now known as Milflores Festival, Virac bested five other contingents by securing the highest score from four of the five judges. It also clinched two of the three special awards, winning Best in Moving Choreography and Best in Costume.

    In the Battle of Festival Queens, 19-year old Yvonne Fe S. BesoƱa, 19, of ...