Tucad Reef

Pilar, Capiz

Tucad Reef is located in Pilar, Capiz. It is about ten kms. from Pilar shoreline; submarine islet of seashells and corals topped with thin layers of sand.

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  • Capiz Travel Information

    Capiz Travel Information

    Capiz, a province where myth and reality merge. One enduring legend about how Capiz got its name goes like this: Balingangan, Datu Bankaya's eldest son, named his two territories "Kapid" and"Akean" (meaning twin) in honor of his twin daughters "Bulan" and "Adlaw" (moon and sun). Spaniards who later settled in the area adopted the names of Capiz and Aklan.

    The arrival of Spaniards in 1569 brought about major changes in the lives of the CapizeƱos. May 8, 1570, marked the conquest of Panay and consequently the district of Aklan by the Spaniards under the leadership of Martin de Goiti. Capiz w ...

  • Introducing Capiz

    Introducing Capiz

    Simple and peaceful. That's how the provincial government describes what life in Capiz is all about on its website. For travelers looking for a place to relax and unwind, this province in the Western Visayas region is a must-go destination.

    Covering an area of 2,594.64 square kilometers, Capiz is subdivided into 16 municipalities and a city - Roxas. The province continues to be one of the major travel destinations in southern Philippines, thanks to its natural charm highlighted by a labyrinth of rolling hills, pristine beaches, unspoiled beaches, and isolated coves.

    Capiz is also a magne ...

  • The Seafood Capital of the Philippines

    The Seafood Capital of the Philippines

    Capiz a province where reality and myth merge. One enduring legend tells of Balingangan, Datu Bangkaya's eldest son, who named its two territories Kapis and Akean (meaning twin) in honor of his daughters. Spaniards who later settled in the area adopted the name Capiz and Aklan.

    The Spaniards in 1569 established the second Spanish settlement in Capiz. The province was created a separate "encomienda" and was later organized into a politico-military unit in 1716. The American takeover of the Philippines resulted in the establishment of a civil government in Capiz on April 15, 1901.

    Locate ...

  • Capiz is Famous for

    Capiz is Famous for

    Birthplace of Manuel Roxas (Roxas City)
    Located in the city proper; a two-storey hardwood and stone house of First Philippine President Manuel Roxas, now a historical shrine.

    Moro Towers (Sitio Nipa, Roxas City)
    Half-torn stone structures built in 1814 in order to repel the invading Moros and Portuguese colonizers.


    Capiz National High School
    One of the pioneering educational institutions in the province, Capiz National High School (formerly Capiz High School) was established and completely organized in 1914. Its imposing structure and location (top of a hill) is always a ...

  • Sweet Home Capiz

    Sweet Home Capiz

    A recent trip back to my late moms hometown made me realize that, to borrow a line from Sweet Home Alabama, "sometimes what you're looking for is right where you left it." I was truly bewitched and charmed by the gracious people, lifestyle, succulent seafood and ambience.

    Upon the invitation of Governor Vicente Bermejo, executive assistant IV Alfonso "Bo" Bediones, city tourism officer Boy Aguirre and councilor Mark Ortiz, I took a 45-minute flight to the capital of Capiz, Roxas City, which was voted the cleanest and greenest city in the Western Visayas.

    Located on the northeast portion ...