Suhot Cave

Dumalag, Capiz

Suhot Cave is located in Dumalag, Capiz; 300 meters away from the provincial road; has a series of interconnected caverns of different sizes.

Suhot Cave and Springs News

  • Caving in Capiz

    Caving in Capiz

    Capiz has always been known as a culinary destination. Dubbed as the seafood capital of the country, tourists visit the province to savor the best oysters in Roxas City and enjoy a smorgasbord of fresh catch from the sea. Today, Capiz is fast becoming one of the top destinations for eco-tourism because of the many caves and waterfalls found in the province, not to mention mangrove forests that are prolific fishing grounds and home to fish and wildlife habitats. To date, there are three mangrove forests being developed by the provincial government for its ecotourism initiatives, one of them cov ...

  • Introducing Capiz

    Introducing Capiz

    Simple and peaceful. That's how the provincial government describes what life in Capiz is all about on its website. For travelers looking for a place to relax and unwind, this province in the Western Visayas region is a must-go destination.

    Covering an area of 2,594.64 square kilometers, Capiz is subdivided into 16 municipalities and a city - Roxas. The province continues to be one of the major travel destinations in southern Philippines, thanks to its natural charm highlighted by a labyrinth of rolling hills, pristine beaches, unspoiled beaches, and isolated coves.

    Capiz is also a magne ...

  • Spectacles Of Suhot Spring and Caves

    Spectacles Of Suhot Spring and Caves

    A natural spring and a series of caves situated on the foot of Mount Pangin-raon capture the attention of travelers in search for offbeat destinations. A far-flung town 35 kilometers off the progressive Roxas City called Dumalag prides of an attraction famed among locals and many Capiznons from neighboring towns, but remain a mystery to visitors like me.

    Most travelers from Roxas City bound for Iloilo runs through the landlocked town of Dumalag which rests quietly on borders of Capiz and Iloilo. Often overlooked by passers by is the town's scenic attraction, Suhot Spring & Caves, which is t ...

  • Explore the Mystical Caves of Capiz

    Explore the Mystical Caves of Capiz

    Capiz is a province noted for ancient churches, historical sites, wide beaches, isolated coves, white sand and cultural events, but Capiz also boasts of truly amazing caves that have left explorers in awe at these mysterious creation of the elements, definitely something to look forward to during any trip to this beautiful province.

    Spelunking, or cave exploration, is a challenging and pleasurable activity to be had in the many caves in the province, giving delight to explorers and spelunkers. Getting into these nature-built dungeons, seeing the wonders that were hidden for centuries creat ...

  • Spelunking in Capiz Suhot Cave and Cold Spring

    Spelunking in Capiz Suhot Cave and Cold Spring

    The province of Capiz offers many natural beauties for people to explore and experience from their fresh bounties of the sea to cold springs hidden in lush forests. And if you want to dip in cold water and have some exploration, head to the caves of Capiz.

    While on a road trip in Capiz, we dropped by in Suhot Cold Spring in the municipality of Dumalag. Another place that attracted the freelance writer spirit in me. The place was rather simple yet unspoiled.There were many people when we went there ( it was a Holy Week and the height of summer) but sans the crowd and vendors, the whole pla ...

  • Capiz is Famous for

    Capiz is Famous for

    Birthplace of Manuel Roxas (Roxas City)
    Located in the city proper; a two-storey hardwood and stone house of First Philippine President Manuel Roxas, now a historical shrine.

    Moro Towers (Sitio Nipa, Roxas City)
    Half-torn stone structures built in 1814 in order to repel the invading Moros and Portuguese colonizers.


    Capiz National High School
    One of the pioneering educational institutions in the province, Capiz National High School (formerly Capiz High School) was established and completely organized in 1914. Its imposing structure and location (top of a hill) is always a ...