Only In The Philippines! Sunken Cemetry, Camiguin Island Vlog 2018

Camiguin Island in the Philippines is beautiful. After making a travel vlog about the Giant Clams Sanctuary with my friend Aitz, I set my sights on the Sunken Cemetery. As a foreigner in the Philippines, this was amazing travel vlog material.

The sunken cemetery fell into the ocean with the 1871 eruption of Mount Vulcan. It was built by the spanish, and has seen a lot of destruction over the years. More eruptions, typhoons, and tsunamis have turned this beautiful graveyard into rubble, leaving only a few relics under water.

This Philippines travel vlog was recorded after leaving my expat friends Kulas of Becoming Filipino, Daniel Marsh, Finnsnow, Bret Maverick, and the fighterboys in Cagayan de Oro, CDO, and continuing for a mini adventure in Northern Mindanao.

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