Tongatoc Cove

Catarman, Camiguin

Tongatoc Cove is located in Catarman, Camiguin. This is a spot where you can appreciate the view. You can stop here to take pictures and inhale some fresh air.

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  • Just Like Fire-Camiguin

    Just Like Fire-Camiguin

    Camiguin Island, located at the northernmost part of main land mindanao​ is popularly dubbed as the "Island Born of Fire". It is said to be the country's most beautiful island enriched with plethora of natural wonders and historical riches. A peaceful dreamland of pristine waterfalls, lush rainforests, volcanic edifices, hot and cold springs, numerous coastlines dotted with marine sanctuaries with exotic marine life. The remoteness is quite dissuading, but do not be discouraged, to both the adventurer and urban dweller; Camiguin is Paradise.

    En Route to Benoni

    Camiguin came from th ...

  • Camiguin Island 2nd Smallest Island Of The Philippines

    Camiguin Island 2nd Smallest Island Of The Philippines

    Camiguin!!!!! I thought you're only a dream. But thanks a lot to airline promo fares, I've got to see and experience your beauty

    Upon arrival in Camiguin, we immediately checked in at the hotel. After changing clothes, the driver picked us up for lunch. We availed Camiguin Saint Vincent TravelandTours promo. It included sumptuous lunch that made us want to go back at the hotel and sleep after eating. but NO!!! we have some exploration to do.

    1. Tongatoc Cove
    2. Walkway to the Old Volcano ??" we didn't climb to the top though. It was so HOT!
    3. Pasalubong Center ??" Just across the Walk ...

  • Camiguin Travel Guide 2016 Budget Itineraries And How To Get There

    Camiguin Travel Guide 2016 Budget Itineraries And How To Get There

    Camiguin is definitely one the popular destinations in the Philippines that offers natural attractions like pristine islands, coves, volcano, springs, and waterfalls.

    Both local and foreign tourists often visit the place not just for leisure but doing "Panaad" or a walk of penance for Catholic devotees. It has been a tradition for us Catholic member to take part of the religious event by means of hiking the whole Camiguin Island or climbing mountains as part of our sacrifice or repenting one's sins.

    It is a perfect destination for spending holy week vacation with your family and friends. ...

  • 14 Must See Tourist Spots in Camiguin

    14 Must See Tourist Spots in Camiguin

    Camiguin features unspoiled beaches, waterfalls, hot and cold springs and picturesque mountains. It's your perfect escape from the city since air is really fresh and there are no big buildings like malls and fast food chains. There are many things to do like snorkeling, hiking or trekking.

    The locals are also friendly and they don't overcharge nor scam their tourists. Their cooperation in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of Camiguin is admirable. I've also seen several posts stating that Camiguin is rabies free.

    Getting A Tour Package

    It's easier and more convenient to get a tou ...