Taguines Lagoon

Mahinog, Camiguin

Taguines Lagoon is a lagoon mantled by limpid water, located at Benoni, Mahinog, with large cliff and gently rolling hills. The brackish water is engulfed in there by a century old crater, ideal for boat and fishing.

Taguines Lagoon News

  • Down South The Taguines Lagoon Of Camiguin

    Down South The Taguines Lagoon Of Camiguin

    So the original plan and the main reason we chose Camiguin to visit was to hike up to the crater summit of Mt. Hibok-Hibok. Pretty much everything was in place; we even made plans with the hiker-guide who will lead us up to the summit before daybreak, so we can make a dayhike out of it. But then, tropical depression Marce happened, and when nature speaks and howls, humanity is pretty much helpless. BUT! Not entirely hopeless.

  • Camiguin Island Escapade

    Camiguin Island Escapade

    Camiguin Island, also known as the "The Island of Fire" is one of the most well known tourist destination in the Philippines. A small island but does not fall short of offering various fun and exciting adventures.

    Camiguin is just near my hometown Cagayan de Oro City (CDO). I have been to the island a few times already (my mom grew up there) and I still feel excited every time I visit. So if it's your first time and intends to travel DIY, let me help you with some tips and guidelines on how to get there and make the most out of your visit without spending tons.😉


  • Katunggan Mangrove Park in Mahinog

    Katunggan Mangrove Park in Mahinog

    Mahinog's Katunggan Park is a small mangrove forest that has been converted into a viewing area to showcase the black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans). It's probably inspired by the bigger Ibajay Katunggan Eco Park located in Aklan.

    Upon entrance into the park, you are greeted with this bit of information about the Black mangrove.

    I've grown used to seeing these trees. They've also been constantly referenced in ecological documentaries. But I only really stopped, looked and thought of them during my visit to the Katunggan park.

    Getting there

    This is one thing you don't have to worry ...

  • Camiguin Philippine Marine Sanctuary

    Camiguin is the smallest island-province of the Philippines. Its minuteness should not be taken for granted, as the coralline island is cramming with nature's treasures. The intriguing island can evoke imagined exaggerated stories, especially, as the highest pinnacle of Mt. Hibok-hibok dominates the view as the ferry taken from Balingoan (Cagayan de Oro) nears Benoni, the island's port. The island province is composed of five municipalities…Mambajao, Mahinog, Guinsilban, Sagay, and Catarman.

    Mambajao prides in the White Island Marine Sanctuary which is located two kilometers from Agoho, w ...

  • Camiguin coastal safety net programs set

    After years of pursuing the establishment of proper marine protection and management here, the Camiguin Coastal Resource Management Project (CCRMP) is now on its final phase, geared up with a sustainability plan.

    This plan is an updated and revised approach that incorporates phase interventions and ensures continuity of the programs and activities beyond the project life.

    The project began in 2007 with the aim of institutionalizing coastal resource management (CRM) as a basic service of the local government units, thereby increasing natural productivity and enhancing the integrity of the ...

  • Camiguin Island The Island Born of Fire

    Camiguin Island The Island Born of Fire

    Camiguin is an island , province of the Philippines. The second smallest island in the country, endowed with nature's natural beauty and attractions,both on land, under the sea and its rugged mountains and forest, some are still unexplored, where more endemic species and animals found, compared to other part of the country. Camiguin has seven volcanoes, six within the island and one under the sea, that helped shape the spectacular landscape of the island. The eruption of the volcano also produces volcanic deposits that contain minerals when it combined with the rains produces abundant crops ...