Sunken Cemetery Marine Sanctuary

Catarman, Camiguin

The Sunken Cemetery was created during the volcanic birth of Mt. Vulcan that lasted from 1871 to about 1875, some areas in the town of Bonbon on Camiguin Island subsided, sinking the cemetery of the town to below sea level. The place is commemorated by a huge cross erected in 1982. Since then the municipality of Bonbon transferred to now the town of Catarman. It is also known as Pasil Reef Marine ...


Sunken Cemetery Pasil Reef Marine Sanctuary News

  • Camiguin Loop By Scooter

    Camiguin Loop By Scooter

    There are destinations where you ride fast just to get to where you need to go and other places where you just want to take it slow. And I wanted to savor every minute and every mile while going around the island province of Camiguin. This compact island has a 64-km circumferential road, which locals say you can loop in just over an hour or so if you wanted to. But why do that when you can just stop and admire the view?

  • Itinerary: Places To Check Out In Camiguin

    Itinerary: Places To Check Out In Camiguin

    More and more direct flights are becoming available from Manila to the island province. Here are some suggestions of places you might want to line up in your upcoming trip.

    Skyjet Airlines will start flying almost everyday except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays to Camiguin starting this May. By the time October and the province's famed Lanzones Festival rolls by, it will fly there seven days a week. This is the first time in over three decades that scheduled direct flights from Manila to Camiguin will be offered. Its flights will be quick, with an air travel time of one hour and 15 minutes.


  • Unique Swim In The Philippines! Canadian Family And Sunken Cemetry (Camiguin)

    This is very unique to the Philippines! I don't think I have ever heard of there being an underwater SUNKEN CEMETERY anywhere else in the world!?

    Back in 1871 a volcanic eruption made a town and cemetery sink into the ocean. Here on Camiguin Island in Mindanao, you can actually swim in it! THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE! My Canadian family was so happy to see all the life and beauty underwater here in this part of the Philippines!

    Unique, beautiful, slightly scary... and tonnes of fun!

    The Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin Island!!

  • Camiguin Island Travel Guide: How To Get There, Places To See And More

    Camiguin Island Travel Guide: How To Get There, Places To See And More

    It has been a forgotten-number of years from the first time I stepped on its sandy beaches, swam in the waters of the Sunken Cemetery, laid quadrants on its land areas, strategically placed mist nest to catch fruit bats and some innovative ways to catch insects and some sorts, and dry pressed some leaves and other plant parts from Camiguin. Yes. Camiguin Island used to be my playground - the open laboratory of experience and learning long before I became a travel blogger sharing with you this Camiguin Island travel guide.

  • Philippines Part 1

    Philippines Part 1

    I thought I'd break this blog down into a few parts. The reason being, we did so much that it would be an overwhelmingly long blog. Due to living in Vietnam we had decided that we needed to spend a Christmas away from home and experience a new place we'd always wanted to go. We were weighing up between Australia and the Philippines, however Philippines won us over when we knew our friends living in Oz weren't going to be around. We booked flights and started planning back in October, however our original plan and route we had decided to take took a different turn a couple of weeks before we we ...

  • What To Do In Camiguin

    What To Do In Camiguin

    Camiguin, a province off northern Mindanao, is synonymous to the lanzones, which is native to the island. But you need not wait that long to experience the proverbial sweet life because you can enjoy this tropical paradise any day of the year. From lazing around on white-sand beaches to taking a dip in cold springs, here are 10 of the most exciting things to do in Camiguin.