Mount Vulcan

Mambajao, Camiguin

Mount Vulcan and Mount Hibok-Hibok are the northernmost and the only active volcanic vents in Camiguin. Mt. Vulcan, ironically known as the Old Volcano 671 m, is actually the youngest volcano in the island, born in 1871 starting as a fissure vent on the northwestern flank of Mount Hibok-Hibok 1,330 m.

As a parasitic cone of Hibok-Hibok, Mount Vulcan is still considered part of volc ...

ano. Some of the other flank domes of the volcano are Carling Hill, Tres Marias Hills and Piyakong Hill. Ilihan Crater is the site of the 1950 eruption.  Wiki

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    Camiguin An Island Worth Visiting For

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    Climbing, Hiking or Trekking, what ever you want to call it. But we walked our way up this trail. Check out the awesome view of Camiguin Island from the top.

    Mt. Vulcan can be hiked by way of the Stations of the Cross or The Walkway in Bonbon, Catarman. On the trail are the statues depicting the Roman Catholic Stations of the Cross, which are 14 events in the crucifixion of Jesus, at intervals on the climb. They are a memorial to the dead from the last eruption in the 1950s. Mt. Vulcan, which is locally called the Old Volcano, is a misnomer as it is actually the youngest volcano on the isla ...

  • Camiguin A Story of Volcanoes Hot Springs Waterfalls and Gorgeous Beaches

    Camiguin A Story of Volcanoes Hot Springs Waterfalls and Gorgeous Beaches

    Size is not enough to decide whether or not a place is beautiful. There are areas in the world that are big, yet are too plain that when you visit, you'd quickly get bored. On the other hand, there are places which, despite their very small size, offer seemingly endless attractions all worth visiting.

    One such place is the pearl-shaped island of Camiguin. The name of the island was derived from the "kamagong" tree which are aplenty in the land of the Manobos (the earlier inhabitants of the island) in northeastern Mindanao. This historical account is supported by linguists since the local la ...

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    Camiguin through a prism

    It was not the lanzones festival, yet we were nonetheless welcomed with basketfuls of the succulent fruit as we checked in one early morning at the Camiguin Highland Resort. Perched among roll- ing hills, it gave us a view of the edge of the lanzones plantation, with the tree trunks ??" instead of the branches ??" heavily clumped with the matte yellow globules.

    Camiguin is often called the Island of Fire, and for good reason. Given birth by raw flame, earth and ocean, it has grown into a lush green landscape with good people and an abundance of delights for any visitor.

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    Volcano island offers primal treats

    With more volcanoes (seven) than towns (five), this island-province in Northern Mindanao has the most number of volcanoes per square kilometer than any other island on earth.

    Not surprisingly, Camiguin offers both prime treats and primal threats. Not only waterfalls, hot and cold springs, soda water pools, a powdery white sandbar they call White Island, dramatic dive spots teeming with an astonishing variety of underwater life, and breathtaking mountain trails leading to out-of-the-way lakes, but also doleful volcanic ruins and a sunken cemetery marked by an eerie white cross jutting out of ...