Mount Guinsiliban

Guinsiliban, Camiguin

Mount Guinsiliban is located on Camiguin Island in the town of Guinsiliban. The 571 m high mountain is the southernmost volcano and the first seen coming from the port of Balingoan in mainland Mindanao.

Camiguin is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometres off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Re ...

gion of the country and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province.


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  • Camiguin Island from Above

    Camiguin Island from the air, White Island, Sunken Cemetery, Lagoon, Mantique Island, Mambajao and all 7 volcano's.

  • Camiguin the island of fire

    Camiguin the island of fire

    Camiguin is a volcanic island often called "the island of fire."

    Despite this enigmatic nickname, do not expect fire and brimstone upon reaching Camiguin. Here, you'll find many dive spots with rich marine life, waterfalls you can swim in, and plenty of memorable sweets you'll want to take home.

    Here's the full itinerary used by Drew Arellano on GMA News TV's "Biyahe ni Drew."

    Quick facts
    Camiguin is an island province located just off the coast of Northern Mindanao.
    It is made up of Camiguin Island and two islets: Mantigue Island and White Island.
    There are five volcanic vents in ...

  • The Camiguin Travel Guide

    The Camiguin Travel Guide

    The small and quaint island of Camiguin, dubbed "the island of fire" for its 7 volcanoes is one of my favorite travel spots in the Philippines. My housemates and I had an amazing 5 day vacation last June. You can see the whole of Camiguin in the panoramic photo I took on White Island. It is the perfect island for you if you like riding motorbikes and doing as much activities possible during your trip. You can easily go around the whole island in 2 hours! In between that time you will pass a lot of natural wonders which I'll discuss later on in detail. The island is filled with attractions but ...

  • Discover at Mount Hibok Hibok

    Discover at Mount Hibok Hibok

    Mount Hibok-Hibok (also known as Catarman Volcano) is a stratovolcano on Camiguin Island in the Philippines. It is one of the active volcanoes in the country and part of the Pacific ring of fire.

    Volcanologists classify Hibok-Hibok as a stratovolcano and dome complex with an elevation of 1,332 metres (4,370 ft) and a base diameter of 10 kilometres (6.2 mi).

    It has six hot springs (Ardent Spring, Tangob, Bugong, Tagdo, Naasag and Kiyab), three craters (Kanangkaan Crater, site of the 1948 eruption; Itum Crater, site of 1949 eruption, and Ilihan Crater, site of 1950 eruption).

    Its adjace ...

  • The Volcanoes of Camiguin

    The Volcanoes of Camiguin

    Billed as the "Island Born of Fire", Camiguin is one of the top tourist destinations in the country and listed among the top 10 dive spots worldwide. The province has seven volcanoes and several volcanic domes which are due to the volcanic eruptions and land movements.

    • Mount Hibok-Hibok, also known as Catarman Volcano, is a popular hiking destination in Camiguin Island. The trek from the mountain will require a permit from the DENR office in Mambajao. The usual jump-off is Ardent Hot Springs in Mambajao and normally takes 3??"5 hours to reach the summit. Views from the summit include th ...