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  • Most Amazing Island Camiguin Ft Exploring With Brackz

    Traveling in Mindanao is the best experience if you are a travel blogger/ vlogger , because some foreign country thought that Mindanao is dangerous and that is a BIG lie. Most of the amazing Island you can find is here in Mindanao Philippines.

  • Scuba Diving In Mantigue Marine Sanctuary Camiguin

    - Fun dives with the Scuba De Oro divers.
    - The visibility was very clear and it was an awesome experience diving in Mantigue Marine Sanctuary.

  • Camiguin Island Backpacking 2016

    "The name Camiguin is dreived from the word kamagong, which is a tree of the ebony family. the orginal inhabitants were the Manobo who imigrated from Surigao. When Visayan settlers arrived, the Manobo retreated to the highlands of Mindanao.

    The people of Camuigen were already trading with merchants of neighboring Asian Countries when Ferdinand Magellan and Miguel Lopez de LEgaspi landed here in 1521 and 1565 repsectively. But it was not until 1598 that the Spanish settlement was founded in what later came to be Guinsiliban.

    Catarman, where barangay Bonbon is now, became the major settlem ...

  • Mantigue Island Of Camiguin Philippines

    Mantigue Island, Camiguin | Philippines

    Mantigue island or also known as Magsaysay Island is located in Camiguin, Mindanao Philippines. It is a popular dive site and it is a marine sanctuary. The area is about 4 hectares.

    The beach is powdery white coral sand and it has clear blue water. You can also enjoy the lush green forest inland.Before, turtles are seen in the island shores regularly but fishing families occupying the island grew. Their waste became a problem and they cut some of the trees too so turtle disappeared from the island's shores. The total of the resident living in the i ...

  • PART 2 L Camiguin 2016

    Day 2-3 of CDO/Camiguin Trip.

    Let's continue the fun on some of the tourist spots in Camiguin and at the beautiful Mantigue Island with the crazy and fun ones.

    Epic experience with limited time.

    (I do not own the songs used in this video and this is for presentation purposes only.)

  • Mantigue Island Nature Park In Camiguin

    Mantigue Island Nature Park In Camiguin

    Camiguin Island is not really for all high-class?beachgoers. There are limited extravagance resorts, less audience and no high-octane parties similar to the ones in Boracay. However who cares if theres not any party till you lower places in Camiguin? When i love it that way. In the event that you're looking for a day tour in an isle with a peaceful ambiance, try visiting Mantigue Region Nature Park with Camiguin.

    Mantigue Region Nature Park

    Once known as a fishing village, Mantigue Island Mother nature Park now offers an awesome experience to locals and tourists whose ambition is enjoy t ...