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  • Giant Clam Sanctuary In Guinsiliban Camiguin

    Giant Clam Sanctuary In Guinsiliban Camiguin

    The Giant Clam Sanctuary in Guinsiliban, Camiguin is located in a bay near Cantaan. In there lies a beautiful white sand beach named Kaliba Beach where a sanctuary of giant clams awaits the visitors. Kabila Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery homes more than 2,600 clams including the giant clams in which one can find the seven (out of nine) species of giant clams in the world.

    Upon going to the sanctuary one can found a notice from the management which indicates that the Kabila Giant Clam Conservation and Ocean Nursery is a non-government project and all proceeds are used in the maint ...

  • Camiguin Giant Clam Sanctuary And Kibila White Beach

    Camiguin Giant Clam Sanctuary And Kibila White Beach

    These attractions are next to each other and located in Barangay Cantaan in Guinsiliban, Camiguin's smallest municipality. Both are managed by Cantaan Centennial Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CCMPC) .

    Entrance fee is only Php 25, which already includes an educational tour of the clam sanctuary. Note that this tour is done only around a man-made pool where some clams are housed. If you want to view the clams on their natural habitat, you have to pay an additional fee of Php 150.

    Here are all applicable charges (bottom left) when in the island, as well as some reminders.

    I couldn't help ...

  • Camiguin Marine Life Peek

    Camiguin Marine Life Peek

    So I was bound for home. I had duty waiting for me at the end of the day, and I was beating against time to not miss it for the roads. But before heading back to Benoni Port, I sweetly reminded my host of a promise she said that they would show me a sanctuary for Giant Clams along the way.

    There were two spots of which I wanted to stop by before calling this trip goodbye. So we went off the roads and sailed on a motorcyle down a very steep 2 lane road to the secluded side of the island. And by steep I meant, 35-40 degree winding road.


  • Kabila Beach in Camiguin Island

    Kabila Beach in Camiguin Island

    This next location was being recommended to me by my friend Mike Abarca. (I guess he knew that I am a beach lover). So, what spot is this?

    You heard it right! It is a beach again. lmao. Well, I posted in my previous articles that I really love beaches.

    Kabila Beach is a white beach located at Cantaan, Guinsiliban, Camiguin Island (The Island of Seven Volcanoes) about 20 kilometers from the Main Port of Island (Benoni).

    Actually, It is a sanctuary of marine life that protects corals and giant clams (e.g. Saint Bernard-Sized).

    It is not yet popular like the 16th Century Guiob Church ...

  • Camiguin Clam Sanctuary

    Imagine a place where the sky and sea meet.

    Imagine a world underneath that place teeming with life full of beauty and grace.

    Come and visit Camiguin's Clam Sanctuary, located in the enchanting shores of Kaliba Beach in Cantaan town. You can only access the island by snorkelling your way from the boat that can be provided by Mantangale Dive Resort.

    Brightly coloured underwater life will greet you upon entering the beach with a sea temperature just right for a perfect swim across the shore. Local volunteers who have dedicated their whole lives to preserving this island of a paradise ...

  • The Camiguin Travel Guide

    The Camiguin Travel Guide

    The small and quaint island of Camiguin, dubbed "the island of fire" for its 7 volcanoes is one of my favorite travel spots in the Philippines. My housemates and I had an amazing 5 day vacation last June. You can see the whole of Camiguin in the panoramic photo I took on White Island. It is the perfect island for you if you like riding motorbikes and doing as much activities possible during your trip. You can easily go around the whole island in 2 hours! In between that time you will pass a lot of natural wonders which I'll discuss later on in detail. The island is filled with attractions but ...