Burias Shoal

Mahinog, Camiguin

Burias Shoal Dive Spot is slightly smaller than Jicdup, Burias is among the favorite spot for high adventure seeking divers. It hauls the thrill seeking divers to the shoal to see schools of jacks, tuna, mackerels and barracudas. A verdant black coral covered bottom is also one of its treasures. Diving here can be strong, however, the little effort spent fining against the current is worth the exc ...


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  • Where To Go And What To Do In Camiguin

    Where To Go And What To Do In Camiguin

    Measuring about 29 hectares, Camiguin Island is the second smallest island of the Philippine archipelago. The island is only about 23 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide and is located about 90 kilometers north of Cagayan de Oro in Northern Mindanao.

    Camiguin may be minuscule in size but huge in terms of topography. In it lie no fewer than seven volcanoes. Interestingly, this tiny pear-shaped island province had been formed by natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

    The province has five towns and a very low population of about 75,000. The rich volcanic soil ha ...

  • Camiguin Marvelous Underwater World

    Camiguin . . .an island-province on the northern coast of the Mindanao archipelago in the Philippines. It is the country's second-smallest province, a veritable treasure trove of natural attractions, both on land and under the sea. Especially under the sea. Camiguin has volcanoes, waterfalls, natural springs and varied flora and fauna in the terrestrial environment.

    And then, there are beautiful corals, sea turtles, a myriad of fishes, performing their wondrous routines in the pristine aquatic habitats. The shores and underwater bounties of Camiguin are multi-faceted, all marvellous, tantal ...

  • Camiguin Philippine Marine Sanctuary

    Camiguin is the smallest island-province of the Philippines. Its minuteness should not be taken for granted, as the coralline island is cramming with nature's treasures. The intriguing island can evoke imagined exaggerated stories, especially, as the highest pinnacle of Mt. Hibok-hibok dominates the view as the ferry taken from Balingoan (Cagayan de Oro) nears Benoni, the island's port. The island province is composed of five municipalities…Mambajao, Mahinog, Guinsilban, Sagay, and Catarman.

    Mambajao prides in the White Island Marine Sanctuary which is located two kilometers from Agoho, w ...

  • Burias Shoal

    Burias Shoal

    Most of the dive spots around Camiguin Island are also great Snorkel sites. Colorful coral-reefs in the shallow waters turning into walls with a lot of cracks, overhangs and small caves. It is a paradise for underwater photographers, as they have to decide to go for macro or wide-angle. Be aware of the occasionally ripping currents.

    The Burias Shoal of Camiguin is pretty exciting, however the stiff current is good only for advanced divers. Burias Shoal is a series of slopes and small walls. There are huge brain corals around. Plenty of black corals are hiding points for snappers and long no ...

  • Camiguin The Exciting Dive Sites

    Diving in Camiguin Island
    Camiguin is an island located in the Northern Mindanao region. It is a volcanic island that has a shape of a pear. There are
    several dive sites in Camiguin Island, which makes it one of the diving destinations of the Philippines.

    The Kantaan dive site in Camiguin is for advanced divers. Hard corals are abundant in this dive site. Fields of Acropora Coral and Lettuce Coral beautifies the seascape. Schools of aquarium fishes swim around these waters in Camiguin. Under the coral tables, you can see stingrays and white-tips sleeping. The Kantaan dive site is for dive ...

  • Diving in Mindanao

    Diving in Mindanao

    The Philippines, being the center of the coral triangle is known to have a very diverse and dense marine life, but save for Samal and Davao, the dive sites of Mindanao are rarely mentioned in the dive books or online sites.

    One of the underwater jewels of Mindanao is the diving spots in Northern Mindanao, specifically the waters surrounding the Agutayan Island known as Agutayan Marine Sanctuary, off the coast of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. The island, virtually a sandbar is surrounded by green waters that is rich with marine life that houses the endangered giant clams. Also Lionfish of all s ...