Binawangan Falls

Sagay, Camiguin

Binangawan Falls is a one-of-a-kind falls in the heart of the a dense rainforest situated in the highlands of Sagay Camiguin.

The falls got its name from the Bisayan word for rainbows "bangaw." Binangawan literally translates to "rainbowed"; thus making it a "Rainbowed Falls." And this not far from the truth. Binangawan is so named because of the rainbow that forms when the sunlight ...

hits the gushing ice-cold water.

The knowledge of Binangawan Falls has been limited to the locals and some mountain climbing enthusiasts for a long time. This changed when a paved road was constructed to make it more accessible to tourists. Still, getting to the falls requires hours of walking.

Binawangan Falls News

  • My Best Friend Is A Filpino - Filipino Family And Roasted Pig

    Yes, one of my best friends is a Filipino. His name is Mark, although nickname is "Kumar" and some of his family is from the Island of Camiguin in Mindanao.

    A few days ago we went to visit Kumar's family in Camiguin. As part of the trip I wanted to bring a pasalubong, and having missed Fiesta this year...

    I bought a roasted pig for them.

    Although they actually ended up roasting the pig local style called "lechon". You will see that in this video as well as moments with Kumar, his Filipino family, and the ending of our Camiguin waterfall adventure!

    Filipino Best Friends Rock!

  • Protecting Camiguins Wild Side

    Protecting Camiguins Wild Side

    Camiguin may just be a small dot on the map, but the island off northern Mindanao is
    on the radar of local and foreign visitors who want to enjoy what it offers??"from sweet lanzones to myriad tourist attractions.

    Lately, the province has added another feather on its cap when the Association of Southeast Nations (Asean), through the Asean Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), officially declared the mountains of Timpoong and Hibok-Hibok as heritage site.

    The Mt. Timpoong-Hibok-Hibok Natural Monument (MTHNM), now its official name, is the third to be recognized in the region and the eighth in t ...

  • Binangawan Falls Review

    Since I had hiked to Katibawasan Falls the day before I had no intention of going to Binangawan Falls. I was just riding along and say the sign so I decided it would be a nice break from riding around.

    I followed the road all the way to the end where it stops… literally the end of the road. Apparently they where building a road all the way to the falls, but then UNESCO came in and said its a heritage site, so they just stopped work. I'm not sure how true this is, its just what someone told me.

    Luckily there where two guys there that pointed me in the right direction of where to go. I e ...

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    Camiguin the Summit to Sea to Waterfall Adventure

    I was still in high school when I first stepped in Camiguin. I was with my family and we followed the usual itinerary; a one day excursion to its famous tourist spots such as the hot and cold springs, the waterfalls, the sunken cemetery, the old church ruins, the volcano walkway and the renowned White Island. Back then, I thought I've experienced everything on the island and there wouldn't be a reason to come back.

    6 years later, I realized I was wrong.

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  • CDO Camiguin September 2013

    This is my first time to use my black gopro hero 3. I can't wait until I get as good videos as the ones I see on youtube, but I hope you enjoy this for the meantime.