Baylao Turtle Sanctuary

Mambajao, Camiguin

The Baylao Marine Sanctuary located in Baylao, Mambajao, Camiguin, hosts a steadily growing mass of branching corals where a wide variety of fish species congregate. The reef also offers underwater photographers the opportunity to hone their skills with marine life subjects excellent for macro-photography.

Baylao Marine Turtle Sanctuary News

  • Camiguin Marvelous Underwater World

    Camiguin . . .an island-province on the northern coast of the Mindanao archipelago in the Philippines. It is the country's second-smallest province, a veritable treasure trove of natural attractions, both on land and under the sea. Especially under the sea. Camiguin has volcanoes, waterfalls, natural springs and varied flora and fauna in the terrestrial environment.

    And then, there are beautiful corals, sea turtles, a myriad of fishes, performing their wondrous routines in the pristine aquatic habitats. The shores and underwater bounties of Camiguin are multi-faceted, all marvellous, tantal ...

  • Camiguin Philippine Marine Sanctuary

    Camiguin is the smallest island-province of the Philippines. Its minuteness should not be taken for granted, as the coralline island is cramming with nature's treasures. The intriguing island can evoke imagined exaggerated stories, especially, as the highest pinnacle of Mt. Hibok-hibok dominates the view as the ferry taken from Balingoan (Cagayan de Oro) nears Benoni, the island's port. The island province is composed of five municipalities…Mambajao, Mahinog, Guinsilban, Sagay, and Catarman.

    Mambajao prides in the White Island Marine Sanctuary which is located two kilometers from Agoho, w ...

  • Hawksbill Sea Turtles In Camiguin

    Hawksbill Sea Turtles In Camiguin

    Considered by many to be the most beautiful sea turtle for their colorful shells, the Hawksbill is found in tropical waters around the world. They spend their time in coral reefs, rocky areas, lagoons, oceanic islands, and shallow coastal areas.

    Named for its narrow head and sharp, bird-like beak, Hawksbills can reach into cracks and crevices of coral reefs looking for food. Their diet is very specialized, feeding almost exclusively on sponges. One of the smaller turtles, adults weigh between 45 ??" 90 kg and reach 50 centimeters to 1 meter in length.

    Hawksbills are considered Critica ...

  • Protected Sanctuary Camiguin

    Protected Sanctuary Camiguin

    The Island's pristine waters is a come-on not only to tourist but to the sea turtles as well.

    The undisturbed beaches of barangay Baylao and Kuguita in Mambajao town are now the new found haven of the hawksbill sea turtles, distinguished for its sharp, curving beak and saw-like appearance in the shell margins.

    While this turtle lives part of its life in the open ocean, it spends more time in shallow lagoons and corals, a vulnerability that pushes the local government, to affect a strong conservation program on the critical habitat.

    Last Feb. 15, the local executives have released the ...