Ardent Hot Spring

Mambajao, Camiguin

Ardent Hot Spring is located on Camiguin Island. At the foot of Hibok-Hibok Volcano bubble the mineral pools of Ardent Hot Springs. Wisps of steam can be seen rising from the running waters heat by the cauldron of the mountain, the most recently active of the seven volcanoes on the island.

Camiguin is an island province of the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometre ...

s off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Region of the country and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province.  Wiki

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  • Camiguin Loop By Scooter

    Camiguin Loop By Scooter

    There are destinations where you ride fast just to get to where you need to go and other places where you just want to take it slow. And I wanted to savor every minute and every mile while going around the island province of Camiguin. This compact island has a 64-km circumferential road, which locals say you can loop in just over an hour or so if you wanted to. But why do that when you can just stop and admire the view?

  • What To Do In Camiguin

    What To Do In Camiguin

    Camiguin, a province off northern Mindanao, is synonymous to the lanzones, which is native to the island. But you need not wait that long to experience the proverbial sweet life because you can enjoy this tropical paradise any day of the year. From lazing around on white-sand beaches to taking a dip in cold springs, here are 10 of the most exciting things to do in Camiguin.

  • Camiguin Island: Where To Go And What To Do

    Camiguin Island: Where To Go And What To Do

    I quit my job and went on a spiritual healing in Camiguin island and it was beautiful. I regret nothing.

  • Mambajao, Camiguin

    Mambajao, Camiguin

    Everytime I asked someone about Camiguin, I always hear the words; exotic and to be extra careful. I'm not sure if it's the impression of the island being said to be created by volcanic eruptions and land movements ,thus the moniker "Island of Born of Fire", or the sunken cemetery? But one thing is for sure upon experiencing it firsthand, Camiguin left me thrilled with its unexplored parts. It's a whole bucket of adventure and reserved nature.

  • Top Tourist Spots In Camiguin Island

    Top Tourist Spots In Camiguin Island

    Camiguin Island

    The island-province of Camiguin is a pear-shaped volcanic island in the northern tip of Mindanao. It is approximately 90 kilometers north of the City of Cagayan de Oro. It is bounded to the north by the Bohol Sea, to the west by Macajalar Bay, to the southeast by Gingoog Bay and to the east by Butuan Bay. Besides the usual diving, snorkeling and sandy beaches (except for offshore ones, beaches have brown sand), Camiguin offers a chance to climb a volcano and a seemingly endless supply of jungle waterfalls and hot and cold springs.

  • My Solo Backpacking Experience In Northern Mindanao For Only 8,000

    My Solo Backpacking Experience In Northern Mindanao For Only 8,000

    Whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro has always been one of my target activities in our country. So when Cebu Pacific announced a two-day Piso fare, I immediately checked their website and scored their lowest round-trip tickets to the city!