Catandunganon River

Mercedes, Camarines Norte

Catandunganon River is located in Mercedes, Camarines Norte. It is ideal for kayak touring along the mangroves. It has beautiful scenery, especially at sunset. You can catch a glimpse of wild ducks and birds on flight.

Catandunganon River News

  • Where The Mangroves And Mud Crabs Are

    Where The Mangroves And Mud Crabs Are

    Mercedes, a town tucked in the southeastern part of Camarines Norte, is just like how it was named after quaint, enthralling and full of compassion.

    Considered as one of the emerging destinations in the Bicol region's gateway, its islands, falls and rivers surprise travelers beyond island-hopping and beach bumming.

    Catandunganon River

    The town's Catandunganon River, just a several minutes boat ride from the mainland port, is slowly carving its name as an eco and agritourism site for its vast 90-hectare mangrove forest.

    The mangrove forest was a sleepy, unmanned area before being wh ...

  • Travel To Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Travel To Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Mercedes, Camarines Norte - Known as "The Belle of the Pacific", is a 2nd class municipality that lies along the eastern part of the province with its northern part facing the Pacific Ocean and located at the mouth of San Miguel Bay. Though this lady's name may sound Hispanic, she has a true Filipina feature. Mercedes has a shy but beautiful physique both in form and in substance. Talk about Boracay as the party person or perhaps Caramoan as the ultimate survivor castaway or El Nido and Coron in Palawan as the super model of marine life, Mercedes on the other hand has her own charm, she's quie ...

  • Travel Guide Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Travel Guide Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Unlike popular destinations in the country that dazzle you immediately with their obvious beauty and vibrant energy, the town of Mercedes in Camarines Norte is one of those quiet beauties that often gets overlooked. But when you dig deeper, you'll find that she has so much substance. Mercedes has a serene and quiet charm that just grows on you. The longer you stay, the more you'll realize just why the town is called "The Belle of the Pacific."

    Thanks to an invitation to join the #TakeMetoMercedes Media Familiarization tour along with Bicol and Manila-based travel bloggers and the crew of AB ...

  • The Lovely Haven of Mercedes

    The Lovely Haven of Mercedes

    Mercedes is a world class tourism hub and a key player for the production of renewable energy in Camarines Norte, and the center of excellence for fisheries in Bicol Region, where God-loving, empowered and healthy citizenry are living in a preserved and protected natural environment, with well-planned and functional infrastructure and a vibrant economy under a dynamic and transparent leadership where everyone adheres to the principles of sustainable development.



    Fishery plays a significant role in the economic activity of Mercedes, being the largest fishin ...