Caringo Island

Mercedes, Camarines Norte

Caringo Island is part of the Mercedes Group of islands in Camarines Norte. Experience sunset at Caringo Beach and be blown away by the spectacular colors that paints the sky.

The gold and orange sunset is the perfect backdrop to the white sandy beach. At the tip of the island lies Falconete Point, Falcons Nest, where one can see the face of the Sleeping Giant and the breath taking ...

view of San Miguel Bay.

Caringo Island News

  • Govt Pushes Local Management Of Fish Sanctuaries For Sustainability

    Govt Pushes Local Management Of Fish Sanctuaries For Sustainability

    To ensure sustainability of marine resources, the Philippine government will pursue preferential access for small-scale fishermen in managing coastal fishing grounds and marine sanctuaries.

    "Networks of MPAs (marine protected areas), fish refuge and sanctuaries and managed access areas will be pursued to improve ecological connectivity," according to the Philippine Development Plan (PDP).

    These measures will be implemented across municipalities on a national scale, which includes territorial use rights in fisheries, MPAs, and seasonal closures for selected species.

    In February, the Na ...

  • Mercedes Camarines Norte Reasons To Love About This Mesmerizing Town

    Mercedes Camarines Norte Reasons To Love About This Mesmerizing Town

    While Camarines Norte offers a myriad of travel destinations and activities as a whole??"say camping in Calaguas Island or hitting the waves at Bagasbas beach??"a second class municipality located at the Southeastern side of the province, meanwhile, is a promising one on its own.

    Find out why Mercedes, Camarines Norte leaves one traveler mesmerized.


    Mercedes, Camarines Norte couldn't be more proud about what they have. There are 7, 107 islands in the Philippines. Seven of which, lies in the hometown of Mercedes making it the bread and butter of their touri ...

  • Mercedes Group of Islands Apuao Grande

    Mercedes Group of Islands Apuao Grande

    Last year, I was in the beautiful island of Boracay over the Labor Day weekend joining the bandwagon to celebrate the famous hashtag Laboracay. It was by far the most tiring yet super fun summer vacation as you get to beach party with your friends and even strangers all day, every day. So much YOLO! But this year, I opted to spend the weekend off in a place perfect for R&R (rest and relaxation). Away from city life, we, the Backpackers and friends headed to Mercedes, Camarines Norte.

    In terms of tourism, Camarines Norte has a lot of alluring places to visit and activities that can be done s ...

  • Travel To Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Travel To Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Mercedes, Camarines Norte - Known as "The Belle of the Pacific", is a 2nd class municipality that lies along the eastern part of the province with its northern part facing the Pacific Ocean and located at the mouth of San Miguel Bay. Though this lady's name may sound Hispanic, she has a true Filipina feature. Mercedes has a shy but beautiful physique both in form and in substance. Talk about Boracay as the party person or perhaps Caramoan as the ultimate survivor castaway or El Nido and Coron in Palawan as the super model of marine life, Mercedes on the other hand has her own charm, she's quie ...

  • Travel Guide Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Travel Guide Mercedes Camarines Norte

    Unlike popular destinations in the country that dazzle you immediately with their obvious beauty and vibrant energy, the town of Mercedes in Camarines Norte is one of those quiet beauties that often gets overlooked. But when you dig deeper, you'll find that she has so much substance. Mercedes has a serene and quiet charm that just grows on you. The longer you stay, the more you'll realize just why the town is called "The Belle of the Pacific."

    Thanks to an invitation to join the #TakeMetoMercedes Media Familiarization tour along with Bicol and Manila-based travel bloggers and the crew of AB ...

  • Magic of Mercedes 7 island paradise

    Magic of Mercedes 7 island paradise

    Magical may not be the right word to describe the seven wonders surrounded by white sand scattered just off the coast of Mercedes town in Camarines Norte, but it sure comes close to it.

    Located at the east of Camarines Norte, the Mercedes Group of Islands is a wonderland of white sand with a surprising abundance of pine trees and protected fish and coral sanctuaries, just a one-hour boat ride away from the mainland.

    It is now being touted by locals and its municipal government as the next big attraction in Northern Bicol, Coleen Ibasco, Mercedes Tourism Officer, said.

    The islands of C ...