Bagasbas Beach

Daet, Camarines Norte

Bagasbas Beach is located in Brgy Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte. The beach has a long and wide expanse of fine gray sand. During clear but windy days, the big waves that roll in from the Pacific Ocean make it a paradise for surfing beginners and afficionados.

Bagasbas Beach Surfing News

  • Bagasbas Beach Surfing Destination In Camarines Norte

    Bagasbas Beach Surfing Destination In Camarines Norte

    If you are looking for a surfing spot in the Philippines, head over to Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte. It's a top destination for beginners and pro surfers because of its consistent waves the whole-year round, making it the country's first surfing spot and the world's 61st.

  • Surfing Strip Plus A Bit Of History

    Surfing Strip Plus A Bit Of History

    Camarines Norte holds the distinction of putting up the first monument dedicated to the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, in 1899. But more than its place in history, the province is blessed with beaches and rolling waves for surfers, islands for those seeking the less explored, and other natural wonders for the curious tourists.

    Daet, the capital town, is 374 kilometers from Metro Manila or an eight-hour land trip. Visitors won't have any problem looking for a place to stay as more than 40??"from simple inns for backpackers to comfortable hotels??"are all over town.

    Restaurants, inns and a ...

  • Bagasbas With CWC Sidetrip Camarines Norte Travel Guide

    Bagasbas With CWC Sidetrip Camarines Norte Travel Guide

    Bagasbas Beach and CWC has always been known as a surfing and wakeboarding haven for enthusiasts.

    And we didn't really go all out of our way to see these spots. Why? Because such were sitting in front us. Figuratively, of course.

    All we have to do is exert a little effort and voila, we're there! What am I talking about? Read on.


    If you are to travel via a plane ride from Manila, the nearest jump off point is Naga City. We did such and flew via Cebu Pacific.

    From Naga, you have to do another 1.5 hour land travel to get to Bagasbas. But since we were all tired, we a ...

  • Oh The Places Youll Go In Daet Camarines Norte

    Oh The Places Youll Go In Daet Camarines Norte

    A trip around the Bicol Region is one of the best adventures anyone can have in the Philippines, and the best starting point for that journey is Daet, Camarines Norte. While the provincial capital gets its fame for being a top surfing destination in the country, there's still a lot to be explored ??" so much more.

    Things to See and Do

    Visiting the Past

    Starting off your trip in the town proper or Centro gives you a glimpse of its centuries-old church: St John the Baptist Church. Right across is Camarines Norte's Capitol which features 12 pillars representing its municipalities. The pu ...

  • Calaguas Island Camarines Norte April 30 2016 SJ4000

    Location: Calaguas Island and Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte.
    Date: April 30, 2016

  • Whispering Fish Market In Daet Part 2 BecomingFilipino Your Travel Blog

    Fishing pa More!

    This is "Part 2" of our #BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog Daet, Camarines Norte Episode...

    Here we will take you to the unique local style fish market in Mercedes called "Bulungan sa Pandawan", where the locals will "whisper bid" to buy fish. We will also head out fishing... and it was tough!!

    Super Apir!