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  • Pagudpud To Callao Caves To Banaue

    Got a trike up to the highway and had to wait just half an hour for the orange bus to Tuguegarao to come down the road. I flagged it down and got on; the bus was full and the aisle was lined with bags. They got me to put my bag behind the back seat then moved a small kid onto his Grandma's lap so I could sit down. Of course, everybody looks at the white man and kind of watches as you struggle to get by and deal with your bag, but if you just smile, they smile back and it's ok.

    Arrived in Tuguegarao mid-afternoon and after realising I had missed the last jeepney, I had to get a tricycle out ...

  • Million of Bats At Callao Cave Tuguegara

    We went to Tuguegarao to see millions of bats.

  • Marriage In Ilongot Society

    The Ilongots

    The Ilongots, also called the Bugkalot, are a tribe who inhabit the southern Sierra Madre and Caraballo Mountains,on the east side of Luzon Islandin the Philippines. Presently, there are about 2,500 Ilongots. The Ilongots tend to inhabit areas close to rivers, as they provide a food source and a means for transportation. The Ilongot language is Austronesian and has been characterized as possessing three dialects and currently spoken by about 50,000 people.

    Marriage in the Ilongot tribe is characterised with several important practices and traditions. These include the bachel ...