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  • Piat Cagayan Pilgrimage Center Of The North

    Aside from my hometown, Roxas in Isabela, there is this one place i consider my home. The municipality of Piat in the province of Cagayan, is my birthplace and my second home when i was in elementary. We used to live in this place for so many years because my mother and grandma are natives of this place. Piat, is not one of the richest municipalities, in fact it is only classified as 4th class, but it is very special in other ways. It is being labelled as the "Pilgrimage Center of the North" simply because it is the home of the black Virgin Mary known as "Our Lady of Piat" or "Apo Baket" in th ...

  • The Basilica Of Our Lady Of Piat The Pilgrimage Center Of The North

    Cagayan Valley has always been popular for its long stretches of beaches, deep and majestic caves, and breath-taking mountains. Over the years, it earned a reputation as being an 'adventurer's paradise.' In fact, the Department of Tourism can be quoted saying, "Cagayan is where adventure never ends."

    The Callao Cave in Tuguegarao. The first chamber was made into a chapel by its people. It's one of the most popular tourist spots in Cagayan.

    Aside from its adrenaline surging sceneries, Cagayan Valley is also famous for its churches. Several churches have stood the test of time, and are wit ...

  • The Attraction Of Mother Mary And Cagayan

    After two storms that soaked Metro Manila and many parts of Central Luzon, Cagayan felt like another country with a heat that seemed eternal. But the fervor was definitely Filipino. Perhaps it added much to the temperature, the gathering of the people and their collective adoration and supplication. At high noon at the courtyard of the centuries-old Saint Peter's Metropolitan Cathedral in Tuguegarao, Cagayan's capital city, twelve images of the Virgin Mary, most of them resplendently dressed, were brought in and lined up near a stage. People thronged to each of them, mounted on trucks, many go ...