Solana News

  • Humpbacks Lure Whale Watchers To Babuyan

    A distant splash breaks the flat gold sheen of the ocean off the Babuyan island group.

    “One o’clock, three kilometers,” Jo Marie Acebes yells. The captain of her outrigger changes course.

    The chase is on for a photo shoot of humpback whales of the North Pacific in their southernmost breeding ground. Annually, these creatures—each the length of a basketball court and weighing 22,000 to 36,000 kilograms—migrate from the Arctic to these balmy Babuyan waters to mate and breed.

    This also makes the remote islands stage to one of the world’s least understood underwater symphonies ...

  • Experiencing Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan

    Most of us would wish to travel and witness one of the most sought after islands in the northern part of the Philippines, Palaui.

    The Palaui Island have become famous after the reality show Survivor French was shoot in the remote place in the northern part Luzon a few years back. Since then, Palaui have become a nation darling for tourism as it revealed an innocent beauty sleeping just above the mainland Cagayan.

    Even I got curious to see what lies in this popular destination and it took me a while before setting a schedule to visit the secluded place.

    Together with newly-found friend ...

  • Cabibi Festival Of Lallo Shell Ebration

    The Seventh Cabibi festival of Lal-lo town in northern Cagayan Valley is a fitting climax to the week long celebration of the town fiesta. It is also in honor of the unique shell found only in the Cagayan River.

    Historical accounts show that Manila, Cebu, Naga and Lal-lo have something in common they were the four earliest cities founded by the Spaniards in the latter part of the 15th century. However, unlike Cebu and Naga, Lal-lo has yet to become a city by virtue of a bill with a pending approval in the Lower House of Congress.

    It is desired by the local residents to honor their past b ...