Siwangag Cove Beach

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Siwangag Beach is part of Engano Cove southwest of the lighthouse where supplies for the station were previously landed.

Today, small vessels can find good anchorage in this protected cove, except by northwesterly and westerly winds. A trail and a 229-step concrete stairway from the cove leads the travelers to the lighthouse.

The Port of San Vicente in Santa Ana, Cag ...

ayan, situated between Palaui Island and the coast of Luzon, is the jump-off point for crossing the channel to Punta Verde (Point Verde) on Palaui Island, or heading to Engaño Cove, a little further to the north.

The hike from Punta Verde, the southeast tip of Palaui, to Cape Engaño takes about 3.5 hours of hiking through beautiful verdant scenery. Primitive camping is allowed at the lighthouse vicinity.  Wiki

Siwangag Cove and Beach News

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    Fun Things To Do In Cagayan

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    Cape Engaño ??" Palaui Island, Sta. Ana…

    Feast your eyes on every corner of Cape Engaño. The undulating landscape and the big ocean waves were scenic. We explored the lighthouse and the view behind it was a sight to behold.

    Siwangag Cove ??" Palaui Island, Sta. Ana

    Interesting rocks and shells abound in this very quiet cove.

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    We had fun exploring this reptile-shaped island. We climbed atop the rock formation and savored the se ...

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    Ey doodes, sup! I am Ven, living life in the beautiful country of the Philippines! This is my third installment on our Cagayan Ilocos Trip! Today, we visited the Palaui Island in Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley Philippines and we discovered it's unique and stunning beauty. We also got the chance to see where Survivor Philippines was taken way back 2013. Thanks for coming with me! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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    Cagayan Trip For Less Than Php 5000

    This Cagayan getaway of ours just became quite unforgettable. See, I have been traveling since 2007 and call me lucky, but I have never experienced any flight cancellations. Well, not until last March 2 of this year. Me and the other passengers were already at the coaster waiting to be transferred to the plane when the ground crew was radioed to inform us that we will not be flying to our destination that day. Apparently, it was raining heavily in Tuguegarao.

    How could you prepare for something impromptu like that? Good thing we always travel light and have no luggage checked in to retrieve ...

  • Palaui Island The Hidden Paradise

    Palaui Island The Hidden Paradise

    Perfect getaway for finding your soul.

    • Palaui Island has made it to the 10th spot in the CNN's top 100 best beaches in the world.
    • The popular American reality TV series Survivor, Survivor: Blood vs. Water and Survivor: Cagayan were filmed on the said Island.

    Leaving at 9:00PM from our house in Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. We were excited for the long overnight road trip. This trip was so far the longest road trip in my life, and I can definitely say IT'S WORTH IT!.

    We reached Sta. Ana at sunrise the next morning, we were too early for the check-in time at Costa Carina, g ...

  • Palaui Island Part 2 Siwangag Cove And Crocodile Island

    Palaui Island Part 2 Siwangag Cove And Crocodile Island

    After touring Cape Engano, our next stop was Siwangag Cove. Our boatman actually asked if we wanted to visit the place, we said yes because we thought we're already there so might as well explore everything. It took us around 30 minutes boat ride from Cape Engano to Siwangag Cove.

    Sadly, nothing really was worth seeing at Siwangag Cove. There are lots of dead corals and hermit crab. We busied ourselves running after hermit crabs. Also, you can catch an estuary at Siwangag Cove.

    After 15 minutes, we decided to leave Siwangag Cove and traveled to Crocodile Island. It's another 15 minutes b ...

  • Palaui Island And Callao Cave Budget And Itinerary

    Palaui Island And Callao Cave Budget And Itinerary

    Palaui Island is a protected landscape and seascape that lies off north-eastern tip of Sta. Ana, Cagayan in northern part of the Philippines. It is a home of untouched beauty of natural wonders. Palaui Island has lots to offer whether you are an adventure seeker, nature lover or simply a laid-back traveler.

    Main Activities around Palaui Island
    * Punta Verde Eco-tour: Baratubut Falls
    * Visit either by foot or by boat & feet the Cape Engaño Lighthouse - the main attraction in Palaui Island
    * Meet the lone crocodile in Crocodile Island
    * Beach bumming in secluded Anguib beach

    Other act ...