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  • The Remontados Of The Sierra Madre Mount

    The Remontados, identified as a Negrito ethnolinguistic group, derive their name from the Spanish verb “remontar”, meaning, “to flee to the hills”, “to frighten away” or “go back to the mountains”. These indigenous peoples (IPs) are said to be the descendants of lowlanders who opted to live in the mountains to avoid subjugation by the Spaniards. Subsequently, they intermarried with the Negrito groups. Also referred to as Dumagat, they prefer to call themselves taga-bundok (from the mountains) or magkakaingin (those who practice kaingin). (Bennnagen, 1985)

    Physical Characteri ...

  • Millions Of Bats in the Cave of Tuguegar

    Every evening at 6pm, millions of bats fly out of this cave in Northern Philippines....I watched them leave the cave continuously for almost one hour, at times, darkening the sky. Can be a little difficult to reach....Get there on a very noisy, crowded tricycle for over an hour, long boat ride on the river.....and hike almost 200 hundred steps up to the cave.

  • Logging Threatens Protected Island

    A municipal official in Santa Ana town here expressed dismay over the recent discovery of illegal logging in the famous and protected Palaui Island.

    Palaui Island has become famous for previously for hosting two seasons of Survivor USA and for being included in the Top 10 most beautiful beaches of the world by broadcast network CNN.

    “STOP ILLEGAL LOGGING IN STA ANA! Chainsaws with silencers are all over Palaui Island,” Santa Ana Vice Mayor Genevy Rodriguez said in a recent Facebook post.

    Rodriguez said the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and Philippine Navy – the agencies tasked to ...