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  • Cagayan Morning at the Fishing Village i

    The good thing about taking time on a destination is that you have the leeway to go back to certain places again within the trip. While we enjoyed the afternoon catching the Parambolan and the boatmen settling down at Taggat Lagoon, we were wondering what it is like in the morning when the fishing boats are sent out to sea and brought back to shore with their fresh catches. Nope we didn’t wake up before the sunrise to shoot landscapes but to see the people go around doing their daily chores.

    It was mid-morning when we got to Taggat Lagoon and we noticed the reduced number of boats at the ...

  • Taggat Lagoon and the Tale of the Rocks

    Claveria at the north tip of mainland Luzon is mysteriously lovable place. From the mini waterfalls, to lagoon, to cove and to everything simple and nice.

    The village of Taggat is where a lagoon can be found, a preferred swimming and beach bumming destination. The place is shielded from the immense waves by natural boulders of rock, trapping the composed sea water in a basin-like enclosure, calling it a lagoon.

    During the summer months, the coast of Taggat are filled with people immersing themselves in the lagoon to beat the heat. Children can swim safely in the lagoon, with adults sup ...

  • Scenic Taggat Lagoon In Claveria Cagayan

    One great thing about exploring the country’s many provinces is that there is always a reason to stop, gawk and be awed. This can be pristine beaches, spectacular rock formations or just scenic vistas. Taggat Bay, more like a lagoon, actually, in Claveria, Cagayan is one.

    I was in the NORTH. Up at the coasts of Cagayan and the Ilocos Norte provinces when I was again invited to be part of Lakbay Norte’s 2011 edition, Leg 2, visiting several new and interesting spots as well as reacquainted with some old sites. One great thing about exploring the country’s many provinces is that there i ...

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