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  • The Allure Of Wild And Distant Anguib Beach

    Anguib Beach. These two words sent a tinge of excitement when I read that it was our destination. For years, I've wanted to reach its pristine waters and white sandy shore but failed despite visiting the province several times. But reaching Anguib Beach in Cagayan is not easy. First, its in Sta. Ana, the northeasternmost municipality. Second, for now, the fastest way to get there is a motorized outrigger boat (banca) from the wharf. And third, because it is at the northern tip, travel is limited especially during the amihan or the northeast monsoon when the sea is rough.

    But that is also it ...

  • Wild Honey By Aetas Gaining Popularity

    Wild Dorsata honey hunting or harvesting is one of the more challenging but profitable ways to make a living among the Agta tribe in the thickly forested and mountain areas in Cagayan Valley.

    The Agtas, who are also known as Aetas, are indigenous people who live in scattered, isolated mountainous parts of the island of Luzon. They belong to an ethno-linguistic group who are characteristically short, dark-skinned, and kinky-haired, and are considered one of the native peoples of the Philippines.

    Also known as "Agays" in Palaui Island in Santa Ana town in Cagayan province, the Agtas have b ...

  • Wanderful Hike To Cape Engano Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines

    May 25, 2016—For our first destination in Palaui Island we went to visit Cape Engaño Lighthouse in Cape Engaño Cove, about 30 minutes away on an outrigger from Sta. Ana town proper in mainland Luzon.

    This is a short video presentation of our hike to the Spanish-era lighthouse located on top of a hill. Enjoy watching.

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  • Corals Of Palui Island Sta Ana Cagayan

    Look at the different kinds of corals underwater in Palaui Island located in the municipality of Santa Ana, Cagayan.

  • The White Fine Sand Of Anguib Beach Cagayan

    The sea touching the sand
    The sea touching the sky
    The picture looked perfect
    Freedom and silence is what it gives
    But the sky is unreachable
    The sea is unending
    A bitter truth that it always meets
    but being together will never be
    That's just how most people are so wrong
    Doesn't mean that it looked perfect means it's complete
    Doesn't mean it has everything means it doesn't need anything
    Sometimes, it's the simplest thing is all that makes us fulfilling.

    The boatmen lead us to an area of Anguib Beach where there is no entrance fee. However, Bhing wanted us to transfer in a much be ...

  • A Trip To Palaui Island Cagayan Ilocos Ep 3

    Ey doodes, sup! I am Ven, living life in the beautiful country of the Philippines! This is my third installment on our Cagayan Ilocos Trip! Today, we visited the Palaui Island in Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley Philippines and we discovered it's unique and stunning beauty. We also got the chance to see where Survivor Philippines was taken way back 2013. Thanks for coming with me! Hope you guys enjoyed!