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  • Palaui Island And Callao Cave Budget And Itinerary

    Palaui Island is a protected landscape and seascape that lies off north-eastern tip of Sta. Ana, Cagayan in northern part of the Philippines. It is a home of untouched beauty of natural wonders. Palaui Island has lots to offer whether you are an adventure seeker, nature lover or simply a laid-back traveler.

    Main Activities around Palaui Island
    * Punta Verde Eco-tour: Baratubut Falls
    * Visit either by foot or by boat & feet the Cape Engaño Lighthouse - the main attraction in Palaui Island
    * Meet the lone crocodile in Crocodile Island
    * Beach bumming in secluded Anguib beach

    Other act ...

  • Tuguegarao Sta Ana Cagayan Day 2 Surviving Cagayan

    Day 2 was planned for the trip's highlight. Everyone had to make sure they rested well to keep up with all the island hopping, hiking and spelunking that was in store for them.

    Securing that green pass for the island hopping tour was a hassle. Avoid negotiating directly with boatmen or anyone presenting themselves as tour guides. Just go directly to the 'Visitor's Center' located in San Vicente Port and ask assistance from there. The standard tour which will bring you to the destinations listed on this blog will cost P3,500 for the boat rental for a group of 6 persons. There will be other f ...

  • Palaui Island Part 2 Siwangag Cove And Crocodile Island

    After touring Cape Engano, our next stop was Siwangag Cove. Our boatman actually asked if we wanted to visit the place, we said yes because we thought we're already there so might as well explore everything. It took us around 30 minutes boat ride from Cape Engano to Siwangag Cove.

    Sadly, nothing really was worth seeing at Siwangag Cove. There are lots of dead corals and hermit crab. We busied ourselves running after hermit crabs. Also, you can catch an estuary at Siwangag Cove.

    After 15 minutes, we decided to leave Siwangag Cove and traveled to Crocodile Island. It's another 15 minutes b ...