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  • The Beautiful Anguib Beach of Cagayan

    According to the locals, Anguib Beach is the most beautiful beach in Sta. Ana, so it was definitely a must-see for us! Another pride of San Vicente, it is a white sand beach with pristine blue waters. It is also considered as ‘Boracay of the North.’

    While on the boat going there, we saw beautiful corals peeking through the clear waters hence it is a great spot for scuba diving or snorkeling. Water sports like jet skiing and motor-boating are also some of the activities near the beach.

    This is our third and last destination for the island hopping. Please check out our Palaui Island ...

  • Palaui Paradise Anguib Cove

    I mustered all my courage and confidence to join this trip. I’ve been browsing TF’s website for quite some time and I’ve been itching to go somewhere. I was suffering from the I-just-came-from-a-trip-and-I-am-looking forward-to-the-next-one syndrome after my Corregidor trip and I got interested in TF’s Palaui trip. It was far far far and unheard of. I registered as a solo traveller, I prayed and emailed my reg form and paid the fee.

    And what a nice surprise, May 3 was declared a holiday! Wohooo!

    I would this that this was the trip that gave me “freedom”. It was the first time ...

  • Anguib Cove Santa Ana Cagayan

    I initially discovered the fun of being a backpacking adventure traveller when I went with a group of complete strangers and had a great time. The first hidden island I visited was Anguib Cove.

    This island is located near the town of Santa Ana, Cagayan. It’s one of the towns which is situated on the north tip of the Philippines.

    On a trip with visits to other nearby islands, this is usually the first one on the list.

    Going there by land is best through Victory Liner Bus Lines, the only problem being that it takes 14 hours. Fortunately the bus stops every hour at any area with restro ...