Portabaga Falls

Santa Praxedes, Cagayan

Portabaga Falls are located in Sta. Paxedes and are one of the tallest falls in the Province of Cagayan. Approximately fifteen meters in height, it has three drop off points and a big manmade catchbasin for swimming. Sta. Praxedes is 194 kilometers from Tuguegarao and the falls is about 100 meters from the highway.

Portabaga Falls News

  • Cagayan Destinations Discovering The Small And Quiet Town Of Santa Praxedes

    Cagayan Destinations Discovering The Small And Quiet Town Of Santa Praxedes

    Bordering the municipalities of Pagudpod, Calanasan and Claveria, Santa Praxedes is central plain surrounded by the Caraballo mountain range and occupies one-third of the Calvario National Park. Although it is one of the coastal towns of Cagayan, this 5th class municipality does not have direct access to its seacoast.

    A Look at History

    The town was Langgangan up until 1964, when it was changed to its present name with the signing of Republic Act No. 4149. A boundary dispute was ongoing in the early 1900s between Cagayan and Ilocos Norte as to where Santa Praxedes really belongs to and in ...

  • Santa Praxedes greenest destination in Northern Luzon

    Santa Praxedes greenest destination in Northern Luzon

    Santa Praxedes in Cagayan province strikes first-time visitors as one of those sleepy towns they only pass by as they travel through Northern Luzon.

    But tucked in the town's heavy vegetation is a 50-foot waterfall, a few minutes from the highway, that has attracted many to linger.

    The Portabaga Falls is not the one-day escape that it used to be. The cascade now lures tourists, in some months exceeding the town's more than 3,000 population, the smallest in Cagayan.

    This natural wonder is touted as one of the greenest destinations in the north, perhaps the only one around these parts th ...

  • Natural Wonders Portabaga Falls

    Natural Wonders Portabaga Falls

    Cagayan Province is surprisingly full of hidden natural wonders that are just awaiting discovery, and one of these includes the majestic grandeur of Portabaga Falls. The falls can be found in the town of Sta. Praxedes, which is one of the few parts of Cagayan Province where the climate is marked by distinct seasons: wet from May to October but dry for the rest of the year. A hilly coastal area 194 km from the provincial capital of Tuguegarao and bordering Ilocos Norte, it is noted for hot springs as well as its waterfalls. Portabaga Falls is one of two well-known falls in the town, with the o ...

  • Tour de Portabaga Falls

    At first I was so hesitant visiting Sta Praxedes because of its distance from Enrile Cagayan where my residence is. By looking at the map alone, I didn't realize we passed through nine (9) towns of approximately 400 kilometers away from my hometown. Amazing! I'm glad I have my father who served as my tour guide and supported me all along the way. Thank you dear Tatay. :) We passed through Tuguegarao, Iguig, Amulung, Acala, Gattaran, Allacapan, Pamplona, Sanchez Mira and Claveria sequentially.

    (FYI, Sta Praxedes is just a 30 minute-drive away from Pagudpud Ilocos where you can also see lov ...

  • Portabaga Falls Sta Praxedes Cagayan Philippines

    Experience Portabaga Falls in Cagayan.

  • Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

    Swimming in the Blue Lagoon

    One of the joys of traveling the country is discovering little-known oases, scenic spots that receive little attention and even less tourist traffic. Indeed, as a journalist, one feels ambivalent about writing about such places. On one hand, theres the desire to share the experience and yes, brag a little about discovering a hidden gem. On the other, theres the fear that by revealing the secret locale, one would have destroyed the very appeal of the place its isolation and serenity.

    But this time I choose to err on the side of recklessness. The Blue Lagoon is too good to pass up.

    Some ye ...