Penablanca News

  • Cruising At Pinacanauan River

    Cruising At Pinacanauan River located in Penablanca, Cagayan.

  • Our Callao Cave Adventure

    Callao Cave consists of seven chambers. The first chamber has been turned to a chapel by the locals, and serves as the main attraction. Only 'special' masses are held here, or those with permits. They also allow wedding ceremonies to be conducted in this chapel.

    The enchanting Pinacanauan River that flows around the cave.

    There are more than 300 caves in the municipality of Peñablanca in Cagayan, and 'Callao Cave' is considered as the mother of all these caves as it is the most known tourist attraction in the province. The name of the town itself resembles an image of a cave. Peña is a ...

  • Enchanting Callao Cave

    Before we headed out to Callao Cave, The tour guide will talk a little history about Cagayan and the list of adventurous activities one can do in Cagayan.

    Callo Cave, is composed of 7 chambers and many different formations such as the Column, Praying angel, Lion’s Head, Skeleton, mini Banaue Rice Terraces, the Chapel, Elephant’s head, Rocket and Ice cream scoops. It would take 184 steps for you to climb up the cave so you can see the majestic view.

    Tips before going into the Callao Cave

    • Wear comfortable footwear, the inside of the cave is a bit slippery so wearing comfy and an ...

  • Exploring Off The Beaten Path Of Cagayan

    After our trip and exploration inside the Callao Caves, I rode at the back area of our tricy to take more snaps of the municipality as we headed home. I was softly whispering my goodbyes to the cold winds and beautiful landscape when all of a sudden, Kuya Tonton asks me if I wish to see more of Callao by going to the other side of the cave. The Callao cave is under one of the mountains of Sierra Madre and going to the other side of the mountain takes about 15-20 minutes depending on your tricy’s speed. I may or may not have been too eager in saying yes to Kuya Tonton so he showed us through ...