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  • The Palaui And Tuguegarao Adventure

    Palaui Island is in Cagayan Valley Region, northeastern part of the Philippines. So, how did I learn about Palaui? Thanks to the 'Survivor' US TV Show!

    A Reminder: Do not forget to bring your sunblock, hat or a cap, and mini fans! It gets really HOT at this part of the country! :)

    How did we get there?
    Manila – Tuguegarao – Sta. Ana Cagayan – Palaui Island

    – Manila to Tuguegarao via Cebu Pacific (for a low cost due to seatsales of course and my GetGo points!)
    – Tuguegarao Airport to Van Terminal: there are tricycles waiting outside the airport. Cost is Php100 per tricycle ...

  • Sanctuary Declared For Elusive Oriole Once Believed Extinct BirdLife

    With its yellow and olive-green plumage perfectly camouflaging it against the tree canopies, the Isabela Oriole Oriolus isabellae, a lowland forest specialist endemic to the island of Luzon in the Philippines, doesn't intend for itself to be seen by humans. And unfortunately, for many decades it wasn't.

    Due to the rapid and widespread deforestation which has plucked Luzon of much of its forest cover (down as much as 83% since the 1930s in some areas), numbers of this little-known species plummeted such that for a time until its rediscovery in December 1993, it was widely believed to have go ...

  • Marine Wildlife Expert Lectures On Research And Conservation

    Butanding Network founder Elson Aca presented a lecture on "Marine Wildlife Research and Conservation in the Philippines" at the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (IEMS) Conference Room on September 19.

    His talk covered four groups of large marine vertebrates in the Philippines: dugongs, cetaceans (whales and dolphins), sea turtles, and elasmobranchs (sharks and rays). Most species in these taxa are threatened species and need to be protected not only to preserve the country's rich biodiversity but more importantly, to maintain ecological balance.

    In his lecture, Elson stres ...