Palaui Marine Reserve

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Palaui Island is one of the islands in the Philippines, located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon Island, the largest island in the country.

Palaui Island lies off the northwestern part of a large promontory in San Vicente, in the municipality of Santa Ana, Cagayan province. It is 10 kilometres at its longest and about 5 kilometres at its widest and moderately high. The wester ...

n shore of the island appears bold, but on the eastern side, a reef projects from its side for 2.4 kilometres, the edge of it being 0.8 kilometres from and extending around the small islet of Escucha, east of Palaui. The Dos Hermanos rocky islets lie off Cape Engano, in the northern point of Palaui, and there are some rocks off the northeast point of the island, about 1.6 kilometres eastward of the cape. Gran Laja island, a low rock islet surrounded by breakers, is one of the rocks located northeast off Palaui.

At the southwest end of Palaui Island is Puerto Point, a high, wooded bluff. East of the point and south of Palaui is Rona Island, a low, wooded island with a white base of sand and rocks. Escucha Island is a high and wooded islet east of Palaui, and beyond Rona Island when seen from southwestward through the channel between Palaui Island and the mainland, where a few more islets are located.

Palaui Island was declared as a National Marine Reserve in August 28, 1994 encompassing an area of 7,145 hectares. The waters around the island boast of 21 commercial species of fishes with about 50 hectares of undisturbed corals.

Because of its remoteness, Palaui Island is home to 105 species of rattan and similar commercially valuable timber producing wood species plus 25 imported shrubs and is the sanctuary for 90 migratory birds.

On May 2013, Palaui Island earned the 10th spot in the CNN's World's 100 Best Beaches list, with CNN praising its "raw beauty."  Wiki

Palaui Island and Marine Reserve News

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