Nangaramoan Beach

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Nangaramoan Beach a highly recommended place to relax, unwind, escape from city life and feel the wonders of nature. This is located in Sta. Ana, which is at the tip of the province of Cagayan. The beach is very accessible via commute (quad-cycle) or private vehicle because of the newly cemented road leading to the beach area.

Nangaramoan Beach News

  • Santa Anas White Sand Beaches That Need No Boat Transfers

    Santa Anas White Sand Beaches That Need No Boat Transfers

    A lot of beaches near Metro Manila pale in comparison to those found in a lot of the remote islands of the Philippines. This explains why most local and foreign tourists go through the travel grind of flying out and hopping on boats to distant towns just to get bronzed. Unbeknownst to them, Cagayan's coastal town of Santa Ana has a swath of tropical paradise that no hard sell title such as "Boracay of The North" can give justice to. It is nothing like Boracay because it's not congested, tribal residents can freely move about in a lot of places and it's quite accessible by car from the town pro ...

  • Nangaramoan Beach An Attainable Tropical Bliss In Sta Ana Cagayan

    Nangaramoan Beach An Attainable Tropical Bliss In Sta Ana Cagayan

    If rural relaxation means azure waters, rolling waves, and golden sugar-sand beaches, then Cagayan's Nangaramoan Beach has your name on the list of invites. Boasting more tropical vibe than any other shoreline attraction in the town of Sta. Ana, it has a little of most beaches that I've been to in the past. It's got the free spirit of Puerto Galera but toned down for lack of the party scene. It's affordable to beach bum for days with a group of like-minded revelers like in Baler but in less intimidating tiki hut lodgings. The terrain mimics that of Patar, but within a cove that provokes visito ...

  • Nangaramoan Beach Sta Ana Cagayan

    Nangaramoan Beach Sta Ana Cagayan

    A trip to the north would not have been complete without a visit to a beach. In Cagayan, the one being touted as comparable to Boracay is the Nangaramoan Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. I made it a must then to see for myself this beach, besides the fact of being in Sta. Ana which is the northeasternmost town of the Philippines or at least of mainland Luzon. It was already dark when we arrived in the town of Sta. Ana as we had a long trip that day coming from Tuguegarao passing by several towns along the way. We made prior reservations at the Jotay Beach Resort (cel 0906-4781270) in the town o ...

  • Masayang Muli And Kwento Ng Summer Nangaramoan Beach

    Masayang Muli And Kwento Ng Summer Nangaramoan Beach

    Summer is my favorite part of the year. Sweaty underarms, Hypertension, Heatstroke.

    Seriously speaking, I love summer, it reminds me of the idea that the sun still shines so brightly literally that you have to wear shades, otherwise you'll get migraine.

    Summer to me signifies hope and happiness. Hope that after all the rainy season, after all the floods in the Metro, the "basang sisiw" moments when you go to the office, finally you can got out and just simply enjoy the sun.

    Yearly its been a habit for me to take a week vacation to our beautiful province (Isabela Region 2) during the ...

  • Beach Overload In Sta Ana Cagayan

    Beach Overload In Sta Ana Cagayan

    Sta. Ana in Cagayan may have been extremely pushed on the northeast end of mainland Philippines, but its isolation doesn't come without a sparkling reward. As it hugs the coasts of Babuyan Channel and the Philippine Sea, its beaches definitely come to a default description ??" fantastic!

    I arrived in Sta. Ana just when the northeasterly wind season was starting to heave out its power. The howling wind and the teasing sporadic rain was starting to dampen my wanderlusts and drown my long hours of drive into waste. But my hard and sincere prayers for little sunshine were really favored. This t ...

  • Nangaramoan Beach An Escape That Is Breathtaking

    Nangaramoan Beach An Escape That Is Breathtaking

    An exciting getaway experience with the guarantee of modern conveniences within reach is what Sta. Ana in the Cagayan Valley Province offers to visiting tourists. The 2nd Class Municipality resting on the edge of Northeastern Luzon region (636.5km from Manila) is home to the Cagayan Special Economic Zone; that being said, one will expect to see grand casinos and other gaming facilities and high-end hotels and restaurants but the other face of Sta. Ana is a simpler, scenic, historical and captivating way of life you'll experience by the shoreline and in the mainland.

    A place to relax and to ...