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  • New Bird Species Discovered

    A new species of flightless bird has been discovered living on a tiny island in the northern Philippines where the inhabitants formerly ate them, scientists and birdwatchers said yesterday.

    The bird, named the "Calayan Rail," is the size of a small crow and has dark brown plumage and bright orange-red legs and beak, said Carl Oliveros, who helped lead the joint Filipino-British expedition that found it.

    The researchers had been doing an inventory of wildlife in Calayan which is one of a volcanic chain of the Babuyan islands off Luzon and can only be reached by boat for weeks before findi ...

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  • Travel Guide Palaui Island

    Sta. Ana, the north-eastern tip of the province of Cagayan and mainland Luzon, is a Special Economic Zone bustling with some modern industrial establishments, casinos and other gaming facilities. The town is also blessed with beautiful coastline, with some great white sandy beaches along its shore. Yet it still looks so rural and laid back, projecting contrasting features that add to its mystique.

    But what makes the town more contrastingly beautiful is the island off its shore that offers so much. White sandy beaches and coves, a century old lighthouse, hidden waterfalls and lovely people, ...

  • Babuyan Island As Stuff Of Legends

    I was ecstatic when my driver pointed a hazy patch of land mass rising above the eastern sea. This was in Batanes during a day tour. Was it just another partially inhabited island?

    Lo and behold, it was the main Babuyan Island, a “concept” that has always intrigued me. This goes to show how mundane things can make people happy, it’s silly! As a child, I’ve always been fascinated with Babuyan Island (Isle of Pigs) – Social Studies, History, Philippine Geography; they all kept mentioning this archipelagic smattering of islands. But no one seemed interested to show how it looked, or ...