Gattaran News

  • Playground Of Dolphins And Whales

    There’s no better sight to see than watching a school of dolphins bow-riding in front of a boat. I have experienced many encounters with these likable mammals and it never gets old. On our exploration to the Babuyan Islands last year, we were lucky enough to see 3 kinds of dolphins : the spinner, bottle-nose and the rough toothed, which is a very rare specie. 8 species of cetaceans have been recorded here in the Babuyanes including the Humpback Whale.

    The one thing that we couldn’t predict was to have an encounter of a lifetime with a school of whales IN THE WATER! We were on the lookou ...

  • Dredging Of Cagayan River To Save Crops

    In a move to save billions of peso-worth of crops in Cagayan Valley resulting from natural calamities like flooding, a Partylist Representative here has called on government leaders to devise a solution by dredging the heavily silted Cagayan River.

    Rep. Silvestre Bello 3rd of Una ang Barangay Ating Paunlarin (1BAP) made the call after Isabela Provincial Agriculture Office reported P1.8 billion losses in agriculture primarily on corn and rice as a result of flooding brought about by heavy downpour during the onslaught of typhoon Nona.

    He said that corn plants particularly, still on its ve ...

  • Game Fishing In Santa Ana Cagayan

    With its white sand beaches, rich fishing grounds and vibrant game fishing industry, Santa Ana is undoubtedly the game fishing capital of the Philippines. It is a second-class town in Cagayan Province at the tip of northeastern Luzon. It is where the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and the Naval Base Camilo Osias are located.

    Even before its economic boom, Santa Ana is already host to the traditional annual tournament of the Philippine Game Fishing Foundation Inc. (PGFFI), and a top tourist destination for its white sand beaches.

    The PGFFI established the Don Andres Soriano Sports Fishing ...