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  • Cagayan Valley Luzons Last Frontier

    Cagayan Valley Luzons Last Frontier

    After a long wait, finally the day has come. My family and I will be going to the tip of Luzon…Cagayan Valley. 7,107 islands in the Philippines and I choose to go to Cagayan to visit Palaui Island because of the lighthouse that captivated my interest.

    We took a 12 hrs bus ride from Pasay via Victory liner De Luxe (Php 700/hd). The ride was smooth and the 12 hrs long drive is tolerable. Victory liner deluxe bus has its own CR. Medium size seats which one can recline without disturbing the people at your back. We left Pasay at 7:30 pm and arrive in Tuguegarao at 7am. We did have 1 st ...

  • Exploring Up North

    Exploring Up North

    When I was asked by my brother to go with him on a trip to Calayan, I said yes without any hesitation. What I loved most about it was that it was free flowing and no expectations. Prior to flying, I already heard 'horror' stories about getting to Calayan. Apart from riding the lampitaw (a small open banca) in open waters for a minimum of 4 hours, I was told that we could get stranded with no food. I also knew that we will be soaking wet throughout the trip and in several cases, the 4 hour boat ride turned into 7 or 9. Why would I subject myself to such ordeal? Well, didn't they say that in the ...

  • A Road Trip To Cagayan Province

    A Road Trip To Cagayan Province

    The Callao Cave in Peñablanca, about 15 km from Tuguegarao, can justify a trip to Cagayan in itself. The road beyond Peñablanca ends at the park entrance. The light in the cave is particularly beautiful at midday when the sun shines through the sinkholes in six of the seven gigantic chambers. There is no difficulty whatsoever, just a few slippery steps in some of the chambers. Visiting the others caves in the area requires a permit from the DENR in Tuguegarao.

    Kayaks can be rented at the Sunshine store on the other side of the Pinacanauan river, which can be crossed using one of the river ...