Duba Cave and Underground River

Baggao, Cagayan

Duba Cave and Underground River is located in San Miguel, Baggao, Cagayan. A perfect place for swimming and for boating adventure. After an invigorating dip in the water, explore the caves and feel the self revealing ambiance of the icicle formed stalactites and the dripping stalagmites penetrated by the rays of the sun over a peeping cove. At dusk, the awesome "circadian flight" of bats in variou ...

s formation is the most awaited part of the adventure.

Duba Cave and Underground River News

  • Blue Waterfalls And Caves In Cagayan

    The Blue Waterfalls and Cave is located at the town of Baggao, which is a first class municipality in the province of Cagayan. This place has to be the most unbelievable place we've been so far. Unbelievable in a way that we've never imagined such a magnificent beauty of nature exists in this part of the country. It is located 62 kilometers north of Tuguegarao City. We were not surprised, though, how it has kept its raw beauty as it is within one of the most hidden places hence not much tourists visit this area. As of November 2014, we saw that there is an undergoing construction of roads lead ...

  • The Fling That Was Duba Cave In Baggao Cagayan

    Across the Philippines, the tourism cancer that is communism is still perpetuated by the New People's Army after being formed in the dark by Bernabe Buscayno in 1969. Traditionally torching establishments for extortion, the local rebels have been holding the country hostage for decades regardless of who the elected president in Malacanan is. Where they are, resorts are forced to swap rustic fences for barbwire. Where they operate, travelers are pawns for misfires with local authorities. And, this has never been more real when I recently visited Cagayan for a week.

    Past Tuguegarao, the coast ...

  • Duba Cave In Baggao Cagayan

    The cave is west of the Pintal River directly across from the barangay's irrigation intake structure. You can either do the short swim across or go downstream and wade across the shallower portion of the river. Continuing another 30 meters west over the rubble along the river bank, you'll reach the Front Lagoon * that is 20 meters wide by 50 meters long depending on the rains. The Front Lagoon is actually a sump with no visible connection with the river but we believe it does underground. You'll have to swim about 36 meters to get to the entrance of the cave, which is at the eastern bank of th ...

  • Tourist Spots In Baggao Cagayan

    Baggao is gifted with natural aesthetically pristine and beautiful sceneries where horizons of water, rocks, rare species of plants and untamed animals abound. The lush of rolling hills and mountains covered with thick forest vegetation is evident of truly awesome and breathtaking gift of Mother Nature.

    Duba Undeground River and Cave
    San Miguel, Baggao, Cagayan

    Stay the whole day and frolic under the tropical sun. The inviting crystal clear water awaits you at the Duba River, a perfect place for swimming and for boating adventure. After an invigorating dip in the water, explore tha cav ...