Dos Hermanas Islands

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Dos Hermanas Islands are located in Santa Ana, Cagayan. It is a collective name that refers to the two islands. The word "dos hermanas" means two women. However, the locals have separate names for each of these islands. They are referred to as Hermano, which means man and Hermana which means woman.

Dos Hermanas Islands Cagayan News

  • Travel Cagayan Chronicles In Palaui Island

    Travel Cagayan Chronicles In Palaui Island

    If you've read my previous post (and is still following my Cagayan series, despite the long period in between updates ??" sorry and thank you!), you'll know that getting stranded in Calayan is highly probable. Good thing for us, we chanced a small lampitaw sailing back to Claveria.

    When we left early in the morning, the water was so calm, it looked unreal!

    To completely erase the bad impression the island of Calayan gave me, 20 or so dolphins swam with our boat as we left the island. They were so close and so many, it was magical! I was so in awe, I was only able to catch the last few do ...

  • Bawal Ang Sawi Sa Palaui Island Homestay And Views At Cape Engano

    Bawal Ang Sawi Sa Palaui Island Homestay And Views At Cape Engano

    Everybody has been raving about Batanes, and I have no doubt that the place is majestic. But with only one airline carrier dominating the sales for this route, it's a no-brainer that the price of tickets are skyrocket high. In recent years, a certain island became talk of the town for having similar heavenly views, and even though it is also located way up North, the province is reachable by bus or plane. After convincing some friends to finally put this plan into motion, we were off to an 11-hour bus ride to Cagayan to finally see what everybody has been talking about.

    So why the rave abou ...

  • Life In Palaui Island

    Life In Palaui Island

    Last year, my friends and I were able to take some time off work and visited this amazing island. I fell in love with it instantly. It is totally one of the most fulfilling experience for me last year and one of the highlights of my 2015 before I said hello to another year.

    I know that the internet is swarmed with pictures and blogs about Palaui Islands, Cape Engano and everything about Cagayan Valley, so here's more. Haha. Enjoy!

    The moment we reached Sta. Ana around 5PM, this is what greeted us ??" Cagayan Sunset ;).

    After breakfast; at around 8 in the morning, we headed to Cape Eng ...

  • Conquering Palaui Island

    Conquering Palaui Island

    Palaui earns the 10th spot by CNN's 100 best beaches and just last year the reality show "Survivor 27" was filmed here and to be aired this February 2014 according to their website.

    Last May 2012, we set foot on an island called Palaui located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon island. Our boatman fetched us at Jotays Resort and bring us to the visitor center where you log your name and pay a small amount of P50.00 per person for the environmental fee.

    We were the only ones at the visitor center so the processing was fast. We bought some hydration drinks and water at a nearby store. ...

  • Palaui Island

    Palaui Island

    The sun shined brightly on that day. We woke up so early from the deep slumber, inadvertently awakened our senses as to what awaits during the day in our Cagayan Valley exploration. Unusual as it may seem, but I easily get used to the early morning breeze and for a long time I got to had a breakfast meal.

    At 7AM, our boatman was ready to take us to another dimension of what we are here for. That is, a quest to explore and discover the rich flora and fauna amidst the picturesque seascape and landscape of the island of Palaui.

    Palaui Island lies off the northwestern portion of Sa ...

  • Palaui Cagayans Best Kept Secret

    Palaui Cagayans Best Kept Secret

    In the northern part of the Philippines lies the province of Cagayan, famous for its milk candies,grand cathedrals and the sprawling Sierra Madre mountains, it still has many secrets to unravel.

    About 4 hours from the capital of Tuguegarao is yet another heaven on earth.

    Upon arriving in the Tuguegarao airport, I felt delighted to again be finally setting foot on this side of the country. Tumauini,a town in the province of Isabela known for the baroque confectionery like tower of St.Mathias Church,was just a mere 1 hour van ride away.

    Upon checking in to our hotel, we immediately stro ...