Crocodile Island Cagayan

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Crocodile Island is a speck of limestone outcrop on Babuyan Channel. It is hemmed in by the finest of golden sand and scattered pieces of corallines. Accessible only by boat from the Port of San Vicente, located in Santa Ana, Cagayan.

Crocodile Island Cagayan News

  • The Palaui And Tuguegarao Adventure

    Palaui Island is in Cagayan Valley Region, northeastern part of the Philippines. So, how did I learn about Palaui? Thanks to the 'Survivor' US TV Show!

    A Reminder: Do not forget to bring your sunblock, hat or a cap, and mini fans! It gets really HOT at this part of the country! :)

    How did we get there?
    Manila – Tuguegarao – Sta. Ana Cagayan – Palaui Island

    – Manila to Tuguegarao via Cebu Pacific (for a low cost due to seatsales of course and my GetGo points!)
    – Tuguegarao Airport to Van Terminal: there are tricycles waiting outside the airport. Cost is Php100 per tricycle ...

  • A Trip To Palaui Island Cagayan Ilocos Ep 3

    Ey doodes, sup! I am Ven, living life in the beautiful country of the Philippines! This is my third installment on our Cagayan Ilocos Trip! Today, we visited the Palaui Island in Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley Philippines and we discovered it's unique and stunning beauty. We also got the chance to see where Survivor Philippines was taken way back 2013. Thanks for coming with me! Hope you guys enjoyed!

  • Cagayan Palaui Island And Isabela 4 Day Trip Itinerary Travel Guide And Expenses

    I have always wanted to go to Palaui. I have been invited to or initiated three different trips every year since 2011, with one group, we even bought our plane tickets already, but decided to cancel since there was a typhoon in Cagayan exactly on the dates of our trip. Finally, last 2014 (yes, this is a super late post!), we made this happen!A friend and I were talking a couple of months ago on how it would be nice if we went to Palaui, and some time in November, my friend called me again, "Oi, tuloy na natin Palaui natin, holiday next week oh" and the rest is history.


    I am pr ...

  • The North Loop 2016

    Hello everyone!!! I am back again! haha! Okay, so here is another super late post, but…. better late than never right?! I promise to update my blog frequently from now on. Hihi Before I start, what do you guys think about my blog's new look?

    This trip has got to be for the record, the longest and tiring trip that I had. But I can say that it was all worth it. This trip wasn't really that planned, since it was supposed to be my dad's business trip…and it ended up as a family vacation.

    Day 1: We left Manila at 3am and our first stop was at the Quirino Bridge in Ilocos Sur. A short pho ...

  • Cagayans Crocodile Island

    Located almost 2 kilometers from San Vicente Port in Sta Ana, this island is situated between Luzon mainland and Palaui Island. This rocky islet is called by the locals as Manidad Island, but outside it is more known as the Crocodile Island. It is named because it is said to resemble like a crocodile when viewed from afar.

    After having beach-hopping we were brought here by the boatman. Because of the imposed time limit due to the ongoing taping of the Survivor reality TV series at that time, we savored every second of our stay here. Its almost 10 in the morning when we arrived here and the ...

  • Crocodile Island Sidetrip In Cagayan

    The Crocodile Island in the town of Sta.Ana, Cagayan derived its name from that large aquatic reptile that, they say, has the same formation as the island. So, it's just the form of it, no actual crocodiles live here!

    This is our second destination for the island hopping. Please check out our Palaui Island and Anguib Beach posts too!


    Country: Philippines
    Region: Cagayan Valley (Region II)
    Province: Cagayan

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    One can get a boat from San Vicente Port in Sta. Ana, Cagayan to get there. However, we suggest to ha ...