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  • Cabicungan River Claveria My Quiet River Cruise

    Cabicungan River Claveria My Quiet River Cruise

    After a rainy day, the dark clouds disappeared. my heart was looking for more adventure. the river i saw in the morning kept haunting me. (parang creepy naman). basta, it didn't leave my mind.

    so i went.

    this is where baybay and cabicungan river meet. i can see those waves from that end this "meeting place."

    I saw these 3 old ladies. i asked where i can rent a boat. they were helpful to search for a pump boat and a boatman. but i wanted a paddle boat.

    I wanted a simple peaceful boat ride.

    I saw this bigger boat. this is the boat that goes to fuga island, calayan island, and dalu ...

  • 10 Romantic Spots In The Philippines

    10 Romantic Spots In The Philippines

    You know that feeling when you come face to face with a stunning landscape or scenery and you just want to hold your lover's hand or hug tightly as you bask in the beauty of the place. The more you lovers travel to these kind of places the more your bond tighten as you make beautiful memories together.

    The Philippines is blessed to still have many stunning natural landscapes, from the topmost province in Batanes, to the southernmost islands in Mindanao and forlorn places in between. A warning, these places are difficult to go to and often off-the-beaten path. I've been to all of these beaut ...

  • Claverias Rough Edged Beauty

    Claverias Rough Edged Beauty

    Unusual landmarks on a stretch of coastline punctuated by craggy coves caught my eyes as I stood near the windswept peak. True enough, nothing can encompass nature's prowess. I'm in Claveria, an unassuming municipality composed of 41 barangays in the province of Cagayan. Despite its pleasing mosaic of jungle-clad mountains, vast pastoral lands, immaculate waterfalls and beautiful beaches, Claveria rarely sees tourists.

    Incessant waves keep pounding the rock monuments in Taggat Lagoon."Legend has it that a well-off family who got rich through fishing became greedy. One day a poor old man app ...

  • I Love Claveria

    I Love Claveria

    I was wedged in between rowdy teenagers and an elderly woman with lots of baggage. The jeepney we were riding in was having a hard time maintaining its steady momentum as it wound its way up to the hill towards Sentinela. The small sliding window behind me gave me a glimpse of a view worthy of a loud wow and solicited from me several omgs. I think of the poor kid now who might have to deal with a hearing problem after that brief encounter with an excited traveler.

    The view was magnificent. The sea lapping around the gray sands of a long quiet beach. The intricate rock formations juttin ...

  • Cagayan Climbing Claverias Bantay Kalbo And Weather Change At Sentinela Beach

    Cagayan Climbing Claverias Bantay Kalbo And Weather Change At Sentinela Beach

    Spending the morning at Taggat Lagoon we decided to spend the afternoon on the eastern side of Claveria where the legendary rock of Ubing-ubing can be found at Sentinela Beach. We took the services of Mang Pedro again after lunch and his tricycle zoomed through the hilly road taking around 15 minutes before we left the paved road to head to the beach. We reached Sentinela Beach and was pleased by its rugged beauty.

    We immediately set out to explore Sentinela Beach from corner to corner. Starting from the rocky east trailing the crushed coral shores of the beach and finding a river connectin ...

  • Cagayan The Rugged Charm Of Sentinela Beach

    Cagayan The Rugged Charm Of Sentinela Beach

    One thing that always thrills me when traveling is the discovery of lesser known places. I am always motivated by the excitement brought about by going to a particular spot for the first time, walking on unpaved trails and seeing beautiful sights not too many eyes laid upon. Such was the case when we visited a cove named Sentinela Beach in the northern town of Claveria, Cagayan Province.

    From Claveria town proper, we passed by the public market and found the terminal of jeepneys bound for next town Sanchez Mira. The jeepney leaves every 30 minutes and fortunately, there were only 12 minute ...