Cape Engano Cove

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Cape Engano Cove and Lighthouse are located in Santa Ana, Cagayan on the northern point of Palaui Island, an island off the north eastern most point of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is administratively part of the municipality of Santa Ana in Cagayan province and is known for its lush green landscape, white sand beach and the Cape Engano Lighthouse.

It has given its nam ...

e to the World War II battle of Cape Engano, part of the larger battle of Leyte Gulf, although the battle actually took place some 200 miles to the east, in open ocean. The Japanese aircraft carriers Zuikaku, Zuiho, Chitose and Chiyoda were repeatedly bombarded and sank, as well as three light cruisers and nine destroyers.

Cape Engano Cove and Lighthouse News

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    Cape Engaño – Palaui Island, Sta. Ana…

    Feast your eyes on every corner of Cape Engaño. The undulating landscape and the big ocean waves were scenic. We explored the lighthouse and the view behind it was a sight to behold.

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    With a name echoing that of a Pacific island nation, Palaui Island in Cagayan province is a tropical paradise in its own right. Lush, roughhewn and deserted, it exudes an ends-of-the-earth beauty reminiscent of faraway Batanes, despite being only a swimming distance away from the Luzon mainland. It is refreshingly devoid of commercialization and home to no more than a humble fishing village of 600 people. Here, raw beauty is the major drawcard, especially for those who love hiking and watching wildlife.

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    After days of rain and gloomy weather that hampered our activities in the mainland, the sky finally cleared on the last day of our trip. Just in time too, since our destination for the day was the beautiful island of Palaui, just off the coast of Sta. Ana in Cagayan

    The first time I set foot in Palaui was back in 2011. I remember the roller-coaster like waves that propelled our boats towards the island where the ruins of an abandoned lighthouse sat atop a hill. There were a few rumors from locals that the hit reality show Survivor was going to be filmed there. Fast forward six years later, ...

  • Wanderful Hike To Cape Engano Palaui Island Sta Ana Cagayan Philippines

    May 25, 2016—For our first destination in Palaui Island we went to visit Cape Engaño Lighthouse in Cape Engaño Cove, about 30 minutes away on an outrigger from Sta. Ana town proper in mainland Luzon.

    This is a short video presentation of our hike to the Spanish-era lighthouse located on top of a hill. Enjoy watching.

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  • The Palaui And Tuguegarao Adventure

    Palaui Island is in Cagayan Valley Region, northeastern part of the Philippines. So, how did I learn about Palaui? Thanks to the 'Survivor' US TV Show!

    A Reminder: Do not forget to bring your sunblock, hat or a cap, and mini fans! It gets really HOT at this part of the country! :)

    How did we get there?
    Manila – Tuguegarao – Sta. Ana Cagayan – Palaui Island

    – Manila to Tuguegarao via Cebu Pacific (for a low cost due to seatsales of course and my GetGo points!)
    – Tuguegarao Airport to Van Terminal: there are tricycles waiting outside the airport. Cost is Php100 per tricycle ...

  • A Trip To Palaui Island Cagayan Ilocos Ep 3

    Ey doodes, sup! I am Ven, living life in the beautiful country of the Philippines! This is my third installment on our Cagayan Ilocos Trip! Today, we visited the Palaui Island in Sta. Ana Cagayan Valley Philippines and we discovered it's unique and stunning beauty. We also got the chance to see where Survivor Philippines was taken way back 2013. Thanks for coming with me! Hope you guys enjoyed!