Cape Engano Cove

Santa Ana, Cagayan

Cape Engano Cove and Lighthouse are located in Santa Ana, Cagayan on the northern point of Palaui Island, an island off the north eastern most point of the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is administratively part of the municipality of Santa Ana in Cagayan province and is known for its lush green landscape, white sand beach and the Cape Engano Lighthouse.

It has given its nam ...

e to the World War II battle of Cape Engano, part of the larger battle of Leyte Gulf, although the battle actually took place some 200 miles to the east, in open ocean. The Japanese aircraft carriers Zuikaku, Zuiho, Chitose and Chiyoda were repeatedly bombarded and sank, as well as three light cruisers and nine destroyers.

Cape Engano Cove and Lighthouse News

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    Protected area

    Palaui Island is remote that ...

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    I, Aur ...