Calayan News

  • Didicas Volcano In Babuyan Youngest Philippine Island

    After the very memorable trip to Babuyan Island that saw us climbing Smith Volcano (Hiking matters #547) and Mt. Babuyan Claro (#548), we boarded the M/V Angelica to Camiguin de Babuyanes – also known as Camiguin Norte. But we had a very important detour to make: a visit to Didicas Volcano, the volcano island that emerged from the sea after a volcanic eruption in 1952 and rose to over 200 meters above sea level. This volcano held much significance for our group as we wanted to visit all four active volcanoes of the Babuyan Islands.

    We left Babuyan at 0710H, amid significantly rougher wate ...

  • Marine Wildlife Expert Lectures On Research And Conservation

    Butanding Network founder Elson Aca presented a lecture on "Marine Wildlife Research and Conservation in the Philippines" at the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences (IEMS) Conference Room on September 19.

    His talk covered four groups of large marine vertebrates in the Philippines: dugongs, cetaceans (whales and dolphins), sea turtles, and elasmobranchs (sharks and rays). Most species in these taxa are threatened species and need to be protected not only to preserve the country's rich biodiversity but more importantly, to maintain ecological balance.

    In his lecture, Elson stres ...

  • Calayan Island A Wonderful Paradise In The North

    For those who don't have yet the budget to go to Batanes, why don't visit first the island of Calayan in Cagayan. It's a wonderful paradise in the north that features unspoiled white beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, majestic caves enchanted forest and amazing rock formations.

    Calayan is part of Cagayan province which isthe largest of the Babuyan Islands. It is composed of four islands namely: Calayan proper, Camiguin, Dalupiri and Babuyan Island. Near the island is a beautiful place called Fuga Island which is considered as part of Aparri.

    If you are in Calayan Island, don't forget to ...

  • Bataraw Falls In Calayan Cagayan

    Bataraw Falls is located in Calayan, Cagayan.

  • Calayan Babuyan Group Of Islands Paradise Less Traveled

    I got back 2 months ago from a wonderful but exhausting trip to Aparri up north in the province of Cagayan Valley. We ventured into the un-touristy area of Calayan Islands – part of the Babuyan Islands. Kudos to GOPH for organizing this trip!

    The municipality of Calayan is found in the Babuyan Channel, situated in the upper northern part of Luzon and southern part of Batanes Island. It is composed of four islands, Dalupri, Camiguin, Babuyan Claro and Calayan where the municipal government is located.

    The travel itself is a daring adventure. I thought that our Jomalig island trip back t ...

  • Calayan Islands Eyed As Potential Source Of Geothermal Energy

    Three island barangays here have been identified by the Department of Energy (DOE) that have high potential to become geothermal facilities.

    Engr. Ariel D. Fronda, chief of the DOE's Geothermal Energy Management Division, said these areas are Camiguin, Dalupiri and Babuyan Claro.

    "We have an on-going exploratory activities in these areas to evaluate their potential geothermal energy capacities that might be suitable for power generation with the use of binary technology and other direct-use applications," Fronda said.

    He said prior to this, his team, in partnership with the Philippine ...