Bataraw Falls

Calayan, Cagayan

Bataraw Falls is located in Calayan, Cagayan. Cool off from the cold gushing waterfalls, a perfect way to relax and enjoy the untouched paradise.

Bataraw Falls News

  • Captivating Calayan

    Captivating Calayan

    A trip to Calayan IS NOT for the weekend vacationer nor it is for the weakened traveler. Blame it on the rain, they say. Well, partly true. Foul weather is the main reason why shuttling of passengers and goods sometimes grinds to an indefinite halt; however, even on hot summer days, chances of getting stranded for days to and from the island is VERY HIGH due to the erratic schedule of passenger boats leaving the ports of Claveria or Aparri.

    I have never really fully appreciated the beauty of Calayan Island until recently. In my mind, and looking at some photos in various blogs, I kinda prem ...

  • Where The Wind Blows Calayan Island

    Where The Wind Blows Calayan Island

    I fell in love with Calayan Island a year ago.

    This was after chancing upon a few prenup photos of a young couple set on an idyllic hill so vast that everything else looks small, with pine trees that seemed to bend in one direction as if the wind is permanently blowing. In another website, I saw a photo of farm animals silently grazing the brownish-green grass covering the highlands. I held my breath and my heart stopped in that wonderful, expecting way.

    For those of you who haven't heard of this place, Calayan Island is the largest among the Babuyan group of islands in Cagayan, in the n ...

  • Calayan Babuyan Group Of Islands Paradise Less Traveled

    Calayan Babuyan Group Of Islands Paradise Less Traveled

    I got back 2 months ago from a wonderful but exhausting trip to Aparri up north in the province of Cagayan Valley. We ventured into the un-touristy area of Calayan Islands ??" part of the Babuyan Islands. Kudos to GOPH for organizing this trip!

    The municipality of Calayan is found in the Babuyan Channel, situated in the upper northern part of Luzon and southern part of Batanes Island. It is composed of four islands, Dalupri, Camiguin, Babuyan Claro and Calayan where the municipal government is located.

    The travel itself is a daring adventure. I thought that our Jomalig island trip back t ...

  • Babuyans Calayan Island-Nature At Its Best

    Babuyans Calayan Island-Nature At Its Best

    Water is my element. I feel more alive when I'm immersed in water. Bring me to the mountains and I would die of extreme sadness. That's the mermaid side of me. Calayan, being an island town, is blessed with natural wonders that provided me my happy water fix. My gills and fins were so delighted.

    The group hired a motorboat for 3,000 pesos (300 pesos/pax) for a 2-day island hopping/exploring series. Almost one hour of boat ride and we arrived at the jump-off point for the trek to the waterfalls we were eyeing for that day. And upon seeing the nice coral formations from the shore we hurriedly ...