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  • Calayan Islands your tourism bet this s

    Try a new destination and bet your bottom dollar this summer on Calayan, a rosary of islands up north Cagayan. Slowly, it is emerging as one of the fastest new- found land of wonders, mysteries, adventures, fascination and surprises that you think you’re about to open a Chinese box. This was how the Women in Travel, a group of women travel journalists, saw the island when they rated it as the 2nd Most Undiscovered and Unexplored Destination sometime in 2007.

    Whatever is your interest, the islands offer a variety of things from archaeology, history, ancient customs and tradition to interes ...

  • Calayan Island eyed as world class eco t

    This island of the North is leaving no stone unturned in developing its premier tourism attraction.

    Vice Mayor Florencio De Guzman said there is a proposed project focused on developing the cove here as a world-class eco-tourism destination that will serve as a hub for other eco-tourism sites in the island.

    “We are new in the mainstream eco-tourism development area but we can offer vast opportunities in adventure tourism,” De Guzman said.

    The tourist attractions will include humpback-whale watching which, De Guzman said, would be a first in the country.

    The waters around the fo ...

  • Camiguin Island A Hidden Paradise

    Located at the northern coast of Mindanao, Camiguin Island is an awe-inspiring pear-shaped island that has become one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines today. Camiguin Island, like other prominent tourist destinations in the Philippines, has a wealth of majestic white sand and crystal clear water beaches. Aside from its world-class beaches, Camiguin Island also has a plethora of unique and rare tourist attractions like the Sunken Cemetery, Katibawasan falls, Ardent hot spring, Via Cruzes, Centennial tree, White Island, Old volcano, Mt. Ilihan and many more.

    How to get there ...